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“Be patient and calm – for no one can catch fish in anger.” – Herbert Hoover

blush--rainbow trout-trout-photography-water-SwittersB


Fly Fishing & Tying: Busy Body

One of the enjoyable subsets of fly fishing is fly tying. Learning to tie and fish your own creations…and that attract fish. There are, it seems, a gazillion fly patterns out there. Really there are a few hundred patterns and many derivations of a single pattern. It is part of the exploratory/creative process of fly tying to change up patterns and to adapt patterns to new materials and successful experimentations.

wet fly-bead head-biot wing-dubbing-photography-macro-SwittersB

Here a simple wet fly pattern (wound partridge wing and dubbed body) is jazzed up with the addition of a gold bead head, white goose biots wings, orangish goose biots tail, copper ribbing over the addition of synthetic flash into the dubbing mix. All these materials flex, compress, pulse, twitch, flash as the fly drifts and tumbles through the riffles of a stream. It attracts, hopefully, by suggesting life.

fuzzy thorax-fly tying-macro-photography-SwittersB

This macro image of the abdomen/thorax of the fly gives a glimpse of the fibers protruding from the dubbed (wrapped) material on the hook. Each protruding fiber will move, collect bubbles, all suggesting a living insect below the surface of the water….hopefully. A Busy Body as it were.


Fly Fishing & Dames


Waylon Lewis Image

Waylon Lewis Image

Of course, perhaps he took the dames fishing too! I think so.

As an aside, if you are going to introduce someone to fly fishing, or any outdoor pursuit, introduce them with the basic appropriate gear: clothing, shoes, etc. Keep them comfortable, safe and able to enjoy the beginnings of the endeavor. Oh, and be patient. Nothing can ruin a special moment like your impatience or outbursts. I don’t imagine Clark allowed the little miss to become too uncomfortable for long.

GableSylvia x

Clark with his 4th wife, Sylvia Ashley


Shorelines: Rustic Canvas

There is something that draws my attention in nature and that is signs of disruption, chaos, change, growth amidst decline. Similar to the rustic decay in an urban setting, but the outdoor scenario is set in the most comfortable appealing setting for me. I am, dare I say, at one with these settings. At peace, centered and observant. For some it is a jumbled shoreline with snags, rattlesnakes gnarly trees and some water. For me it is a dozens (or more) little habitats/homes/hideouts; unique rock formations, twisted trees and an inhospitable texture that challenges my presence. All manner of critters inspect my presence. Most I don’t even see. I like that. Of course, if I happen to be wetting a line while taking all this in…well then that is the whole enchilada.

shoreline-oak trees-lake-photography-nature-SwittersB


photography: staging and distractions

clouds-road-sunshine-nature-photography-SwittersBI have this quirk: I try to avoid power lines, light poles, and such when staging a shot. There are times I will crop a shot to escape the lines, poles and signs of mankind. I don’t often do people, street life, urban chaos etc. I have considered doing more urban stuff but short of abandoned buildings, decay and such, I just don’t relate that often to what I see around me. Nature beckons, gardens beckon, mountains, trees, rivers and lakes. Throw a person into that mix and I struggle to feel it….unless it is someone I know.


Here my son, Tony, was fishing for Chinook this weekend. He hooked into a 10′ sturgeon. He is the focus here.

Sometimes the intrusion of people and things fly in the face of the overall scene.



A Dime’s Worth….Or A Bit of Difference

flies-dime size-scale-photography-SwittersBA Dime’s Bit of Difference Terminology from Long Ago

green pupa-macro photography-fly pattern-SwittersB

nymph-callibaetis-fly tying-fly fishing-macro photography-SwittersB
I used the dime as a reference point for size. A small U.S. coin, that gives scale to the size of the trout fly patterns in the collage at the top.


Fly Tying: Zug Bug

photography-Zug Bug-Macro-fly tying-fly fishing-SwittersB-Peacock~

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