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Fly Fishing: Swinging the Fly With a Pinched Loop of Line

Deschutes R. & Tony Muncy

“As Bill McMilllan told me long ago, imagine dangling a fly tied to a piece of monofilament in a toilet bowl. Make sure there’s tension on the fly — no slack. Now flush the toilet. As the toilet is flushing simultaneously pull up and back on the fly. What happens? Your fly pops out of the toilet as the water goes down. Do it again. This time, as the toilet flushes, drop your arm a bit. Don’t pull back. The fly disappears. The same thing needs to be practiced with steelhead. Not only should you wait for the steelhead to make its turn with your fly, you need to incorporate some slack or loose line in order for the fish to turn freely, taking the fly with it. This delayed reaction to a take is especially necessary when fishing a floating line.” (Floater, Skagit, Scandi….wait as the Loop of Line Shoots Out…….Dec Hogan at Midcurrent)

Good Rule: Loop Should Be Length of Fish You Seek  (more or less)


Ladies Fishing (Fly Fishing Experienced in N.E. England)

“Ladies fishing are a group of ladies who enjoy fishing. We’re not a club so we don’t charge a membership,  we arrange trips and divide the cost between the number of women on the trip and there’s no commitment to regularly attend. We normally have between 6 to 12 women per trip, keeping the numbers down ensures that everyone gets the chance to have individual one to one tuition (if required),  we have equipment for women to use free of charge. The opportunity to develop fishing friendships with other females, we understand that women juggle busy lives and have many commitments.” LadiesFishingBlog

Room for More Ladies? I'm Quite Sure (Ladies Fishing, N.E. UK)

Seems such a natural way for women to gather as mentors or just friends and to share the fishing experiences and camaraderie. How many more women would enjoy such an experience? Several I’ve met. And, less the baggage of a ‘club’ and all the organizing and structure, etc. Just a natural flow of positive support amongst friends. Thanks to Anne for reaching out to SwittersB.  I like the hats!


Habitat Preservation (Back to Basics…NSW Habitat Considerations)

NSW Government: Fishing and Aquaculture (Habitat)

“Human activities that destroy aquatic vegetation, block channels and waterways, and disturb the balance between sediment and water flows in rivers and estuaries all contribute to the destruction of fish habitat.” Doesn’t matter whether it is in New South Wales, Oregon or Poland. The basics of habitat preservation are elementary and often ignored. Seems elementary to know this. Not so easy to affect sustained policy and financing to maintain changes.


Fly Fishing Destinations (Huh? Just Interesting)

Fishing Abroad or Next Door Resources

“Fishing in France is quite good and France has produced enough fly fishing world champions to prove that you can fish and have fun while learning a lot on our rivers. BUT ! fishing here is rarely easy. France does not compare with any of the usual commercial fishing destinations. I am not joking, this is a serious warning. No one must expect miracles here, it is a different pleasure !”

In Bulgaria, ‘sweet water’ equals freshwater and you cannot harpoon fish in sweet water.


Stillwater Fly Fishing (Know Your Line’s Sink Rate & Countdown)

East Lake, Dean Crouser

Know the sink rate of your Intermediate and ‘Type’ lines. The line, leader, tippet and fly need to get into a zone of fish. If you just row, kick about, or still fish and chuck and wait…well, you are the equivalent of Earnest and Jean on the shoreline in their folding chair. Lazily chatting away with their rods propped on the Y stick and Power Bait waiting on the bottom…they are you if you just mindlessly spend time waiting for an intersection of fly and fish. How mindless. Yes, I have wind drifted and relaxed while drifting across a stretch of lake. But, that technique rarely produces equal to the attention given to assessing not just the pattern, but the depth, retrieve method and location of your presentation. Stillwater fly fishing  deserves the same attention to detail and timing that stream fishing demands. Focus on how many inches a second a line sinks. Do the math from there. I almost exclusively fish an Intermediate in waters up to 15′. Some would advocate switching to a Type 2 line at that depth. I carry the usual arsenal, but find a patient countdown of the rig gets me into the zone and lets me fish in a less frantic manner too. Slow down for better presentations and less stress.


Chest Pounding Success (Catch ‘em and Kill ‘em)

"A day's catch at Big Lagoon." June 11, 1908 (Dave@Shorpy)

“The stocking of trout in wilderness lakes of the western United States began in the 1800s. This practice was followed for nearly a century with the singular goal of creating and enhancing sport fishing and without any consideration of its ecological ramifications. Following the advent of a new environmental awareness in the 1960s, and thanks to new research that revealed negative impacts on the biota attributable to introduced fishes, traditional fish-stocking practices came under question first at federal land management agencies and later at their counterparts within the states. The highly utilitarian ethic that drove resource management until well into the 1960s was gradually replaced by one that acknowledges the value of all life forms and their ecological complexity, a view currently supported even by many anglers. The necessity for wilderness fish stocking is now the subject of widespread debate, especially in view of changing social values and priorities. Options for future generations cannot be preserved if introductions continue to erode the biodiversity of mountain lake ecosystems.”

‘Following the advent of a new environmental awareness in the 1960s’….What was the research? Do we stop stocking? Many enjoyable Western fisheries were started from scratch.


ANGLER MANAGEMENT by Jack Ohman (SwittersB Feels the Love)

Many of us enjoy fly fishing minus the support on the home front. Oh sure, it is all fine at first until the our passion develops for the sport and then a sort of jealousy or resigned tolerance sets in as your time, money and attention span goes toward energy not deemed properly directed.

Last night my wife and mother-in-law stole away to run an errand. Later, I received a gleeful phone call alerting me to a pending surprise for me. Also, they told me what a fun time they had acquiring this surprise for me. No occasion…just an ad in the local paper highlighting a book  reading and signing by a local author, Jack Ohman for his new book, Angler Management. My mother-in-law, yes that is what I said, alerted my wife to this event and recruited her to attend the reading/signing at Powell’s Books, Portland, Oregon.

They sat through the presentation and thoroughly enjoyed the stories and humor of the moment. The crowd was respectable and equally appreciative of the author’s presentation. The ladies in question, made their move to get in front of Jack and got their autograph on my behalf. My wife said my mother-in-law, yes her, informed  the author of my blog…I am sure she has never looked at my blog. That didn’t stop her from touting the blog to Jack Ohman…who dutifully showed interest and autographed the book.

My mother-in-law (a very lovely woman) knew of my love for the sport and because of that drew her daughter into an evening of doing something nice for me while creating a memory for their selves.

Back, Inside, Dust Jacket: ‘Jack Ohman is the recipient of the 2009 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for editorial cartooning.’ Besides his politically pointed energies, we now know that Jack Oman has the gift of humor that lifts the spirits of those that love fly fishing and all the associated pursuits of fly tying, gear acquisition and rationalization, and the pacification of the home front.

Needless to say, I know by the cherished gift, Angler Management by Jack Ohman, from my spirited girls, that I have the love and support of the women in my life for my long time pursuit of solitude, beauty, fish, gear and renewal.

Angler Management, Jack Ohman, Headwater Books at

Update 1/30/2010: “Hilarious and Spot On!” -SwittersB & Fly Fishing

Ok, this morning I was sitting in a local tire shop waiting on the bad news re that  squeal in the R Front   area of my rig. I brought along the Ohman book, Angler Management. The chapter ‘Scientific Angler’ is worth the book alone. I sat amongst several men, who sat watching the overexposed Oblama (s0rry Jack) on the TV. No humor on their faces. I directed my attention into the book and to be honest my chuckles, little wheezes and stifled belly laughs soon had the men looking askance at me. No matter. I had a great time waiting it out on a Saturday morning. Excellent book and he knows what he is writing about…oh, and I didn’t need that brake job…just a tweak of the right front pad…out the door for zero $’s.


Steelhead Worship (Kneeling on the Gravel…Rain in the Face…Lovelorn)

“Talked to an old timer who said he’s been fishing the river since 1972. Of course there were alot more fish then but from the sounds of it he stills gets them every once in a while, at least enough to keep him coming back. And that’s just it I guess. The rivers keep us coming back despite all the adversity, shitty news, declining runs and blatant mismanagement. We come back for the river itself, the river which gives life not only to the salmon and trout but to us. The rivers we come to know and love flow through us, the fleeting mist of the february morning, the tumbling rush of the rapid, familiar smells that linger long after we’ve gone back to the mundane day to day lives. The river’s life flows through me, leaves me energized and curious wondering whether that little bucket I found yesterday will fish at higher water, or if we are living at the end of the line for steelhead angling. This is life for many of us.”  (Apocalypse Steelhead)

“….for us, this was and continues to be about the characters; the ones of our dirtball friends, the ones of the rivers we endeavor to understand and those genetically unique fish who ascend these rivers on their own terms. it’s a lifestyle you live in capacities, with a respect for timing’s necessity. a thing that’ll take a guy and drive him toward the most difficult means of pursuit, then one of foolish moral highground, then slap him silly, tell him to get over himself and drive him to gear just because he can’t help but knowing what’s down there. it’s about relationships with the river, friends and and society in general, trying to maintain a balance when you just wanna say fuck all and spin outta control into some mess that’ll only leave you wishing for something else. it’s about the pain of waiting through a perfectly good summer for the cold, wet, solitary misery of January, completely exiting society in march and april and then knowing what the end of May’s always gonna bring…” (Burned Up Bacon…the Best..Voluntary Beatdown)

One contemplates and gets by. The other burned his bacon and retreated to just be. This whole genre of crisp, sometimes arrogant or angry writing provides a purposely opaque vision of the smooth operators, but not of what they’ve glimpsed. The written word. Less visual, but what images they paint with their words. If you have been there in your life, you get it, if only in flashbacks. If you have never been there, you hopefully keep taking those tentative steps toward those verbal images. It’s all theoretical and borrowed until you have partaken.


Trout Aquaculture for New Zealand?

Federated Farmers backs restarting aquaculture (NZ)

“Strategically, aquaculture has major economic potential for New Zealand that needs to be harnessed in order to grow our economy.

“20 percent of the diet for some 2.6 billion people is made up of fish protein and over the next four decades, the world’s human population will expand by some 3.7 billion people. That’s a big reason to give our farmers the legislative means to realise the opportunity,” Mr Nicolson concluded.   NZ Aquafarming

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