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Time to tie


A TDC (as I earlier wrote, my only fly as a kid) and a Peeking Caddis (pupa peeking out of a suggested casing).  

img_5845-a-ehc.jpg The staple Elk Hair Caddis

“I still don’t know why I fish or why other men fish, except that we like it and it makes us think and feel”~Roderick Haig-Brown, A River Never Sleeps. This mistress does make one think and feel in so many ways.   


Kudra nymph


I was attempting to tie a Skip Nymph and you can see how many pheasant tail fibers I tied in at the tail, but they kind of disappeared  when tied down along the back. The abdomen is Kudra dubbing and the thorax rabbit dubbing. The ribbing is copper wire. The nymph is a little fatter than I had intended and in the future I will tie it more slender in the abdomen. Second go around, I tied it more slender:   



Perfection is reletive….but there is still some free choice.


Entomology v. Callipyginous

The Green Drake is courtesy of The Drake Magazine,  by germanbrown, bugporn

The other natural wonder is courtesy of russbutt3, Planck’s/Flickr. Interestingly, the pic was from a series of pics that dealt with ‘callipyginous’ (well shaped ass) and an in your face post to tweak Muslim fanatics. Well, Planck’s has been banned and removed due to pressures…mind your freedoms down the road if Sharia law gets a foot hold in this country. I do have to say, no offense to the pure and/or fanatics, that that is the most amazing ass I have seen in years…every curve…every crease….

Isn’t free choice wonderful?  I know it was a bit gratuitous to post the dun photo like that…such visual temptations can be harmful to your way of life and lead to self absorption.


Kudra Nymph (CZ2)


One more attempt at this Cz style nymph; I messed up on the foil backing by pulling it too tight. Dubbing: Kudra dubbing mix, rib is copper wire, and thorax is insect green dubbing with legs made of spun black calf tail and trimmed. I am experimenting with hackle barbs, deer hair, dubbing for legs.     


Cz Nymph (Kudra)


Small version of Cz nymph using Kudra dubbing and rabbit thorax. Simple but effective. 


Elk Hair Caddis with CDC


I have seen this pattern tied several times at tying shows. It is the standard Elk Hair Caddis, but the CDC is tied in and wrapped forward instead of a dubbed body and palmered hackle. This causes the fly to float flush in the film and the wing still allows for visibility. The wrapped CDC causes tentacles of CDC fibers to undulate in the water suggesting life.  A dab of floatant only to the wing or some false casting should keep the fly floating fine…but should it sink…that would be ok also. Impart some action to it as it is retrieved.   Hans Weilenmann has written several times re this fly and the picture is from a recent article in Flyfiserman.


Tied Down Caddis (another old, forgotten standby)


When I was first learning to flyfish, it was with the assistance of a neighbor boy…Lennie. He had been commissioned by a woman at a sporting goods store to tie one fly for commercial sale…the one fly was the orange bodied Tied Down Caddis. So, as I fished for rainbows and cutt throat trout, the only fly I had for years was the TDC. I new little about presentation or caddis or what trout ate. I did recall the slashing takes by trout of the one and only fly Lennie tied. He received 5 cents for each fly tied. That aside he pilfered off a few here and there and we had our ready arsenal for Summer.

As I have offered in previous posts, we move from the old standbys to the new and interesting patterns. We forget the old and abandon them. Try to find a TDC and you will not find one, excepting a steelhead version on the Welches, Oregon shop’s site and even then it has a buzz cut head…not how the original was tied. So, I have tried to recreate it here. I tied it a bit messy and the deer hair was too coarse and a bit twisted as I pulled it over but you get he idea of how it should look. I am going to tie more and make the fly a little sleaker. Still as it looks here it is quite close to Lennie’s original that he tied as a young teen.      


Kudra Nymph (Czech)

Two more Kudra nymphs (Czech Nymphs). Really trying to perfect photos and learning to compress pic for web page.  



On the top pattern you will note the fly is pretty chunky. That is because I used one of those Czech hooks with the banana shaped molded lead around the shank. It is a heavy hook…as the fly would drift downstream I believe it might ride upside down..point up. 


Stop! Please! Ban ‘Dude’


If I hear one more adult male or female say ‘Dude’ let along some kid, I will probably behave equally ignorant. What is it with ‘Dude’? Only ‘Bro’ and ‘Dawg’ have almost risen to the level of ‘Dude’ on my American lexicon contempt meter. That friggin’ Budwieser beer campaign is making me twitch. Ok, I feel better…at least momentarily.


Kudra too


Same Cz style with curve shank hook, copper wire rib with root beer brown inner rib; Kudra dub, foil back; caddis green thorax on one and hot orange on the other; experimented with calf tail fibers for legs but could be any natural or artificial fibers dubbed onto upper thorax; touched up upper wing case with permanent marker.

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