This is so indicative of my organizational skills. I organize the various flies, usually according to each type of bug: midges, damsels, dragons or wooly buggers etc and everything becomes a mishmash of choas by the end of a trip or season.

I think this happens because I carry ten fly boxes to my pontoon boat and put them in the side cargo pouch. I open the woolly bugger box and start with that. Well, impatiently I reach for the nymph box and select the nymph remove the woolly bugger and instead of putting it back in the bugger box it is ‘temporarily’ stuck in the nymph box and on it goes into organizational chaos….like my desktop at work….I know I must drive the anal types crazy when they walk by the open door and gaze upon the paper sprawl.

Such is the case should I show my flybox to someone in mid-puzzle solving mode on a lake or streamside…I have always been this way…I carry all that gear despite the obvious solution of stockiing one or two boxes from the many and at the end of the day replenishing the two boxes. Nope, just not in me….I have to have allllllll those boxes. I like it. I just am what I am.

On  recent trip to a far off South Pacific destination, I could only carry two fly boxes on me….oh the angst of making sure I had all I needed. I am sure my guide had never seen so many flies crammed into two boxes (actually, I am sure he probably has…”oh, another obsessive and overly prepared…ur is it disorganized” fly fisher)?

Pick one or two boxes and back fill at lunch, or after the evening hatch by lantern light or after the trip or end of the season.