You Cz Nymphing researchers may know of Jan Siman in Cz. Today, I received an email ad for his site. It is sooooo unfortunate the US $/Euro exchange rate is so out of whack. The new hooks on this site are fun to envision as tying components…yet $11.50 US per 5 pack is a bit steep sorry to say. US hook distibutors (are there really any) need to get with it! They are so stuck in a rut re innovation  expectations and techniques…hence your interest in exploring a E. Euro technique…not even new…but only still ‘new’ here. It isn’t new, but it is not getting the resources it needs here. US distributors and fly shops need to lead for once…yet Japan, England, Swedish and Czech manufacturers lead? Shame.

http.//    Jan Siman at Siman Ltd.   Check it out.

Cool hooks! Wish the costs were not as expensive for my taste. Still maybe you can afford it. Just FYI