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Czech Nymph to the Macro

Well, I genuinely tried to tie one buggy and one sleeker. The one on the left was with Kudra dubbing and the one on the lower left was with a dubbing brush. The lens’ ability to highlight stray this and that shows how all those stray hairs will add so much life to each nymph. These were on a size 14 hook and I would have sworn the left fly was as tightly dubbed as possible. Also, it is apparent I cannot take crisp shots ala Hans Weilenmann. I am sure it is the lens, lighting and an unsteady hand. Obviously, I need to improve on my tying and photography.  But, these will catch fish! When I tied these two flies I thought the shellback or foil would be overly visible. From the photo angle the shellback is not even visible. I used gold and silver ribbing for the inner and outer ribbing. You cannot even see the inner ribbing. When you look at photos of Siman’s CZN it is apparent that they are tied sparser and that he trims the upper and side portions of the dubbing before pulling the foil/shellback over the top. The fuzziness of the nymphs won’t detract from their effectiveness, probably even enhance their effectiveness. However, seeing as how the visual aesthetics of flytying is often important to our establishing the worthiness of a fly, I long ago have compromised on my expectations of appearance. I rarely tie ‘perfect’ flies. Their bugginess is rationalized to ‘they will catch fish’ and you know what, they always do. Almost without exception my creations catch their fair share of fish. As you undoubtedly know, presentation is often more critical than the actual fly. With the exception of the often expressed selectivity of finicky fish on spring creeks most fish will take less than perfect imitations if the presentation/location is adequate. Thank goodness for that because I don’t have and probably never will have the discipline to tie exacting imitations of insects. There, I have rationalized and excused my sloppy tying and I feel all the better for it! Flytying is less of an art form for me than as a means to an end. It results in the sensory stimulation on the end of that line I require and crave. It satisfies my puzzle solving needs. And, lastly it somewhat satisfies any artistic/creative streak I have. I never was one much satisfied with school art projects other than they were a diversion from math.           







Kudra Kitty (source of silken fur)

This adorable cat, passed on 12/19/2011; a noble, magical cat for 15 years, she provided much love and comfort during hard times.  

A cat can have a blissful house bound life. Whiling away the day sleeping and grooming. For the most part without interruptions, their life is one of rest, regeneration, basking in sunlight that streams through the window and flows across the floor. Eating and sleeping and indifferently waiting for a lap to plop upon. I am a dog person, but cats offer begrudging affection and fur. The lightest and most wonderful underfur that is clean and wonderful to dub. Why not? Muskrat, Squirrel or Rabbit? Why not cat?    

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