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Stillwater Arsenal~Kaufmann’s Dragon

I have mentioned this fly before. It will always be in my top ten stillwater arsenal. I have tied it in other colors that have been productive, but the green has always been extraordinarily successful. Get it down and work it slow like a predator. The occassional darting movements are fine, but otherwise tease away. It is not presented and maneuvered like a Woolly Bugger; no undulating, serpentine movements. I love this fly. Weight it heavy, or tie it lighter for shallower depths and build a flat abdomen. The under body can be built up from greenish yarn, then a dubbing is overlaid.  I have used rabbit, squirrel or angora mixtures, but have always used the copper ribbing. The tail can be marabou or chickabou. The hackle legs can be hen hackle, grouse or partridge, but keep it a darker shade. Do not use weighted eyes so the fly rides upright. This is a usually a heavier fly, so watch dropping your arm on your back cast or you will drill yourself coming forward. Barb the hook….easier extrication from clothing and floating devices. Enjoy this fly…I can recommend it with honesty and ease.  


Pink Condoms & the Vladi Worm

The Vladi (Vladi Trzebunia) Worm is a weighted imitation of an aquatic worm. It is shown in the tutorial site below. Now, I am faced with searching out bubble gum pink condoms or perhaps lime green ones as well. Never paid much attention to the colorized versions so this will be an interesting search. I wonder if there are alternative materials? Note the one important tip the author gives on leaving the condom rolled up (as it comes out of the wrapper) and then cutting it into halves/quarters, then unrolling it. He didn’t mention lubed/non-lubed. The ‘fly’ looks much more enticing than a San Juan Worm, yet I wonder if this is yet another example of how silly fisherman are in following all manner of unique/obsessive edicts from promoters of the latest and greatest. (Romanian Flytying-good stuff…no, you don’t need to understand Romanian) (Good Romanian blog…check it out)

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