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 Wet fly (Stella’s Seducer) comprised of size 14 pupa hook, black wire body (note the green metallic glint visible to the camera), copper and green dubbing, starling hackle and a gold bead head. Now, I spose this is a wet of sorts, but I tied it as a caddis pupa/wet fly. If I added a tail I would consider it a mayfly wet. Great for trout to salmon/steelhead/sea run cutts.













Buzzer Midge Tying Experiment (Taser wire & red wing bud)

This is a not too difficult experiment into two facets of tying a midge/chironomid/buzzer/gnat pupa: a reddish/orange ‘wing bud’ and the use of a unique material, taser wire for the abdomen. I am going on internet studies/observations where the orange/red wing bud is a professed component of pupas. I can’t say if it is or not, but I thought I would try including that touch into the thorax. The taser wire is an experiment into body materials. The typical fat rear end resulted here. I need to strip part of the clear insulation off and only tie in over the wire. I actually tried this but it did not reduce the bulk. The taser wire was discarded material and I am going to continue experimenting with it to attain the better shaped abdomen flowing up to the thorax area. This is part of my previously stated effort to flesh out my arsenal and pay due diligence to one trout staple…just in case I have the patience on a stillwater or use it as a dropper.    

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