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Simply Wet


Wet Flies (neglected)

Brace of WetsA donated collection of wets by R.E. Brooks of the Washington County Flyfishers (Oregon 2006). I know of several friends, who I estimate fish with wets about 80% of the time. Whether in Alaska, B.C., Montana or where ever they search for trout, they start with wets (one to three depending upon their casting skills). These flies are sizes 14-16. My friends fish sizes 16-20 most often. They tie mostly with partridge or starling for wings/hackling and vary the body material. Most of us don’t give wets a fair shake. These flies were still in the display packet from the auction…almost two years ago. Simple to tie and productive. I know they work, why the mental block?       


Taser Wire Pupa (TWP) experiment

The Taser Wire Pupa is a simple pupa pattern. I wanted to see if the insulation wire would provide the translucent affect. I guess it is a unique look compared to regular copper wire or Liquid Lace. As I previously said, the tie in point is important to avoid the ‘fat ass’ affect caused from too much bulk. This leads to a reverse affect that we don’t want…the abdomen starting bigger and getting progressively smaller. I want it at least the same size if not tapered. I tried to remove part of the insulation to expose the copper wire in order to reduce the bulk. I have to work on that. I took a permanent marking pen and touched up the top of the abdomen to get a two tone affect. Not sure I got the look I wanted there. This is just an experiment. Taser wire is not that easy to get a hold of. I wonder if there are similar fine insulated wires out there from the fiber optics industry. I have to believe there are. Still, a unique name with a bit of grab…’er zip. Just not sure it is significantly unique to plain colored wires.       Taser Wire Pupa

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