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Shipman’s Buzzer (chironomid, midge, gnat)


A perfect emerger for in the film presentation. I have tied this fly with CDC and slightly less Z-lon or Antron. I use gray Antron or Dun CDC. This picture depicts a dubbed body. I would encourage the use of ostrich or peacock for the body. Crystal flash for the ribbing or small silver ribbing reduces the weight and keeps the fly up in the surface film. I generally tie this fly in 14-16’s and use a straight shank hook. I imagine the body color could be mixed up for variety but I have only used black ostrich or marabou fibers. Fine dry fly dubbing works well but I don’t see the need to dub, just wrap and rib. A floating line and longer leader/tippet are called for. I go to this pattern at last light and favor it over a Griffith’s Gnat or small dry. The Shipman’s Buzzer or a Lady McConnell are perfect in the film flies for that last couple hours of light. Earlier in the day, at greater depths I fish a traditional pupa pattern. UK sites discuss the fly being slightly overdressed because of the expansion of the pupa as it nears the surface. Gas causes the expansion of the fly at the surface. I don’t disagree with the bulkier dressing but have done well with minimal strands of ostrich or marabou, which I believe pulse and move to suggest life.  

Check out the links below, which provide instructions and presentation information re the use of the fly and ‘buzzers’ in general.



Black Drake Gray Drake Siphlonurus Mayfly

I notice a great many of you are consistently researching the Siphlonurus mayfly. Take a look at the attached link re Polly Rosborough, the late and great, from South Central Oregon. HIs ‘fuzzy nymphs’ were simple, impressionistic patterns. Amongst the patterns are simple black/gray drake patterns for those slow stretches of rivers, streams and sometimes lakes. A swimmer nymph that usually emerges via swimming and then attaching to weeds and reeds much like damsels..the link is worth a look at. Many current, notable tyers in the NW have always paid homage to Rosborough, so he must have known something. My favorite of his patterns was the Casual Dress.

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