We flyfish for a connection. There are the initial, lesser connections: tying for the trip or season, planning and studying for a location, the packing and loading, the road trip and traditional stops along the way, the arrival and gratification of finally being there, setting up camp. Yes, you connect to each of these steps and these steps provide some degree of satisfaction. But, once you are there and have taken in the view, smelled the fresh air perhaps filled with the soothing smell of a nearby campfire, you are wanting to connect in only one way.

Once upon the water, you have entered into a zone that begs for gratification. An itch that needs to be scratched as potent as any testosterone laden itch. The process of casting, presentation, focus, all of it is in anticipation of that feeling. The feeling of weight, of power of a fish, of a connection that lives on in your muscle memories forever. The pull downward or outward of power that flexes that expensive rod to the cork grip and makes it creak. That is the moment. The moment we all live for, daydream about and crave. Here Tony Muncy enjoys ‘the moment’ on East Lake.