Caddis Confusion to Simplicity (or I’m a little slow)


Common Name Scientific Name Order
Black Caddis Brachycentrus spp. Caddisfly
Cinnamon Caddis Ceratopsyche slossonae Caddisfly
Cinnamon Caddis Ceratopsyche sparna Caddisfly
Cinnamon Caddis Helicopsyche borealis Caddisfly
Cream & Brown Mottled Microcaddis Oxyethira spp. Caddisfly
Fall Caddis Discosmoecus spp. Caddisfly
Gray Caddis Hydropsyche spp. Caddisfly
Great Orange Caddis Dicosmoecus spp. Caddisfly
Green Caddis Rhyacophila spp. Caddisfly
Green Rock Worm Caddis Rhyacophila fenestra Caddisfly
Helm’s Cheumatopsyche Caddisfly Cheumatopsyche helma Caddisfly
Igloo Caddis Glossosoma spp. Caddisfly
Little Black Caddis Chimarra obscura Caddisfly
Little Black Caddis Chimarra aterrima Caddisfly
Little Black Caddis Brachycentrus lateralis Caddisfly
Mother’s Day Caddis Brachycentrus spp. Caddisfly
October Caddis Dicosmoecus spp. Caddisfly
Ring Horn Microcaddis Leucotrichia spp. Caddisfly
Salt & Pepper Microcaddis Agraylea spp. Caddisfly
Small Black Caddis Amiocentrus spp. Caddisfly
Somber Microcaddis Ochrotrichia spp. Caddisfly
Speckled Peter Caddis Helicopsyche borealis Caddisfly
Tiny Black Caddis Glossosoma nigrior Caddisfly
Vannote’s Cheumatopsyche Caddisfly Cheumatopsyche vannotei Caddisfly
Vari-colored Microcaddis Hydroptila spp. Caddisfly
Zebra Caddis Macrostemum zebratum Caddisfly

http://www.flyfishingentomology.com (provided above table of common caddis names and entomological names).

I have provided the above Caddis chart for those that either converse in the common name or the formalized genus name. The chart focuses upon the chasm between the truly knowledgeable and me. I imagine that not precisely recognizing the particular precise genus has cost me fish. I see Caddis coming off and fluttering by some ten yards away…is that a tan or is that a green bodied Caddis? If they don’t land upon my hat or pontoon boat or sit on streamside shrubs, I have really little idea about which cased Caddis or which pupa is emerging. I know enough to carry Green Rockworm Caddis on streams and those long antennaed Caddis on a lake, as well as smaller, dark micro Caddis and a large traveling sedge. Dark wing, lighter wing, adults, pupa, cased and uncased, big and small. That is the extent of my Caddis knowledge. Odd, my first fly that I fished was a Tied Down Caddis. That never sparked much incentive to learn more about a family of insects that provided me exceptional results as a teen on small, Oregon streams fishing for cutt’s. I think I have a lot to learn here but I think I do not have the passion to become a Dave Haeffle or Jeff Morgan or Dave Hughes….that is why they have notoriety and I am here in a blog….   I will stick with size (always overestimated) color and a dark, medium or light colored wing for the dry. Pupa’s will mostly be bead heads and the TDC. I will carry a few big caddis for Traveling Sedges or October Cadds and few small micro Caddis and the rest will be the usual Elk Hair Caddis and a few pupa and cased Caddis. Simplicity still works for me on stillwater or stream….could I catch more fish?…perhaps, but at the cost of making my head hurt with all that knowledge, I doubt it will happen. No, I will stick with ‘tiny black’ ‘cinnamon’ ‘tan’ ‘great orange’ and when to use them.       

1 Response to “Caddis Confusion to Simplicity (or I’m a little slow)”

  1. June 24, 2008 at 00:17


    Very nice flyfishing blog. Am pleased to see that you were able to use some information from my website, and appreciate the attribution. I have established a reciprocal link to your blog. If you would like your real name listed, just email me, and I will add it to the link.


    Roger Rohrbeck


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