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Bloody Buggers (B.C. staple works anywhere)

The often forgotten option for Woolly Buggers is the maroon bodied leech pattern. Quite popular in B.C. lakes, it is less used to the South. I always tie and carry these flies, but not that many (maybe a couple dozen). When I look at this fly, in the selection process, I usually pass by it and pick something else. This week I heard that this fly was hugely popular with all available species of fish on a certain Central Oregon lake. So, now my curiosity is now peaked and I will have to give this pattern more attention. Actually, I will start with this as a point fly this coming weekend….followed by a Callibaetis nymph let’s say.    

 June 23, 2008 Update: I did start with the above Bugger and had zero hits. I tried it two times later and had no hits. I tried it alone (how I prefer to fish Bugger’s) and as the lead fly, ahead of nymphs. Still no hits…so the verdict is out on this fly for me. BUT, I do know flyfishers that swear by this pattern, especially a little smaller than my size 8’s above. They tie and fish size 10’s and 12’s in a mini-bugger style. I have not tried this, with this color. You might give it a try.   


Calico Bugger (craft store boa)

Calico Bugger

The basic Woolly Bugger pattern. I designed this pattern some ten years ago for Salmon Lake at the Douglas Lake Ranch (an excellent non-pay lake at the East end of the ranch) in BC. I had had excellent results the year before with a brownish woolly bugger with grizzly hackle and a black tail. At a local craft store, I came upon a boa that incorporated black, gray (grey for the Brit’s), tan, brown and creme marabou feather fibers. I started cutting off clumps from the boa and creating the tail of the bugger from the boa. The body was either a mottled/varigated brown chenille or rug yarn or here a black/purple/maroon dubbing blend with the grizzly palmered hackle. The Calico (like a cat) Bugger has always produced. I either start with a Calico, Little Fort Leech or a Minnow Bugger. Between the three, the traditional color spectrum of black, brown and green are covered and these flies are more appealing to the flyfisherman…an important consideration to me. With the Calico Bugger a mottled affect is created, especially with the tail. The boa makes blending of marabou fibers easy.     



Ultraviolet Light and the Trout’s Vision (Colors to Use)

Stillwater Assortment

I posted this link once before and have seen only a few views.  It is a very intriguing look at colors we might consider using for subsurface patterns. Some of this is new to me and maybe to you….it was enough to get me to go buy medium ginger hackles. Give this series of articles a look and experiment with a pattern or two.

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