The Fuzzy Dragon was created by Tony Muncy for a 2002 Oregon Flytying Expo (FFF) in Eugene, Oregon (since moved to Albany, Oregon). Tony was attempting to create something unique (I think he did) and similar to Skip Morris’ Foam Dragon, which floated up off the bottom. This pattern was tied unweighted and Tony used green, brown and tan fuzzy foam. The fuzzy foam was cut into strips and tied in at tail. After dubbing the body, tying in the legs and eyes, the foam was pulled over the abdomen to the eyes, then the area around the eyes to the hook eye was dubbed (thorax). The remaining fuzzy foam was pulled over and tied off. This fly was found during the aforementioned (6/30) archaeological dig in our garage with the Scarecrows. Such forgotten creativity from tying frenzies. The Fuzzy Dragon by Tony Muncy (13 y/o), March 2002