When I come upon a site posting such as the one on The Oregon Flyfishing Blog (http://oregonflyfishingblog.com/), I am so envious. Look at that unbelievably beautiful fish. The picture is wonderful and the moment must have been perfect. Check out the blog and read the piece about the Upper McKenzie float. Great shots and lucky men. Of course, they are making their luck. Earning their luck. I know several guides and they are for the most part of a certain ilk (doesn’t ‘ilk’ sound negative?). Let’s say a of a certain style. By no means identical but rather a style of self confidence and swagger earned from managing a boat under all circumstances. Handling all manner of personalities if they are a guide and trying to safeguard customers and reputations while producing. I fancy myself a good instructor. A good hands on teacher of sorts. But these guys are the full meal deal. They do it all. And, handling that drift boat and fishing is something to be admired. I fish streams, rivers and stillwaters. But as Clint has previously said, “A man has to know his limitations” or something like that. I know mine. I really don’t envy..as much as admire men who can handle the oars and place people either in the boat or from near the boat into fish. Kudo’s to them. Isn’t that water beautiful too.