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Spey Fishing (Beginner’s Primer)

Adipose Flytying

Adipose Flytying   This is an area where I am a raw beginner. I have had instruction and tried it a time or two. At my worst, I still cast farther than with my one hander. But, I have lots to learn here from the forms of casting to the Summer/Winter riggings and much more I am sure. With the recent encouragement and prompting of Jack Hagan and Matt McCrary, I imagine I will have to give this more effort. My son, Tony, is tying and planning for exploits on the Deschutes R. So, we are in this together, as we always are. I will pass on all I can.

Pregressive Discipline~by Tony Muncy

Progressive Discipline~by Tony Muncy


Summer Steelhead Provocation (arousal for the taking)

'Summer Run'

'Summer Run'


Train Wreck~by Jack Hagan

Train Wreck~by Jack Hagan

Pink Panther

Pink Panther~by Jack Hagan


Flyfishing Knots (knots to you)

Christmas Island Blue

Christmas Island Blue


Yes, basic knot info. But, a few interesting tidbits re strength of these knots. Compare the regular Trilene knot v. the Improved Trilene or Cinch knot…big difference in strength. I constantly use the Surgeon’s Knot and would never consider the Blood Knot anymore, but you should know how to tie all these. Global FF is pretty emphatic about not copying these knots without their permission.


Flyfishing (Why do you flyfish?)

A Net Full~The Moment

A Net Full~The Moment


Why do we flyfish? This is not a definitive piece. Just some random thoughts based on a odd moment driving down the road this morning listening to the radio, that got me to thinking. The guy on the radio was waxing philosophical about getting in touch with a simpler you and said something that provided me an epiphany of sorts (Epiphany, the sudden realization) about what I feel about flyfishing, life in general and how out of touch we can be. The radio guy said can you for an instant or a day rid your mind of all the have to’s, must’s and should’s? Could you recall that simpler creative time as a child on Summer break when you played and imagined all sorts of things? That right there grabbed me. Imagination, playing, make believe. All seemed possible, real or not. Self imposed limits had not crept into the psyche. Do I have one iota of that imagination flowing forth in me of late? This blog has kindled a touch of imagination and creativity in me for sure. But, life’s limits have accumulated.

But, remember Summer and pretending and playing?  There was something nice about those Summer mornings, playing in the dirt, imagining a special world full of imaginary beings, sounds (special effects you made for cars, bombs, guns, planes) and places. Remember playing? The imagination of it all. That imagining of what if’s is what connects flytying to flyfishing. The imagining of your presented creations seducing that fish. The take or hit creating ‘The Moment’ that I have written about before.

As adults we seem to flyfish as a predator, meat taker, anal problem solver, competitor, creative artist, escapist, egoist, socializer or stats accruer. I am part of all those. Adult Life (Family, Work, Money, Problems) to some degree, by necessity, distract us from the possibilities of simple, focused moments. But, I for one am going to try for even a bit, to recapture that simple, childlike imagination, that I believe ties so many facets of our piscatorial passion together. Did part of this connect you to those Summer day memories so long ago? Hope so.

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