Ban Fishing by indocrinating our munchkins! (PETA plan)

PETA KIDS Save the Fish

PETA KIDS Save the Fish

Fish look so different from us, many people don’t realize that they feel pain—but they do! And being hooked hurts. Fish have very sensitive mouths, so it hurts badly when they are caught on hooks. And just like you can’t breathe for very long under water, fish can’t breathe when they’re out of water. So when a fisher pulls them out of their watery homes, they start to slowly suffocate and die. Even if fish are thrown back into the water, they can die from the injuries that hooks cause.”

“If someone asks you to go fishing, explain why you won’t go. Tell them that fish have feelings and deserve to live just like anyone else. Suggest some of these activities instead: Frisbee, kite-flying, basketball, snorkeling, in-line skating, riding your bike, or bird watching. There are lots of ways to have fun outside without hurting your animal friends! Create a “fish-friendly” display for your local library. Include pictures of fish, useful facts, and information on why people shouldn’t fish.”

“If your town is holding a fishing tournament or other fishing event, hold a demonstration—it’s easy, and it only takes a few people. Make some signs with slogans like “Hooks Hurt” and “Fishing Is No Fun for Fish” and stand outside the event. Pass out leaflets (order them from PETA) and tell people the fish’s side of the story.”


PETA Trained Snakehead Fish Kills Humans

PETA Trained Snakehead Fish Kills Humans


“A SAVAGE fish that eats everything it comes across, including people, has been hooked by a shocked British fisherman — sparking fears of a deadly invasion, The Sun reported.

The giant snakehead, originating from South-East Asia, has a mouth crammed with teeth. It’s deadly in the water, but it can also “crawl” on land and survive out of water for up to four days.

The discovery of the fish  in Linconshire, northern England, has caused widespread panic amongst conservationists and anglers.

An Environment Agency source told The Sun:  “The reaction was, ‘Oh s***’. This is the ultimate invasive species – if it starts breeding here it’s a disaster.”

Andy Alder caught the snakehead in the River Witham while using a sprat as bait for pike. He told the Sun: “It had a gob full of razor-sharp teeth. To be honest it looked terrifying.”

It is believed the fish may have been smuggled in for an aquarium and illegally released.”

I say, this is an obvious PETA ploy to covertly insert this highly trained, non-native species into British waters as a form of paybacks.

7 Responses to “Ban Fishing by indocrinating our munchkins! (PETA plan)”

  1. 1 Flu-Bird
    June 10, 2009 at 11:47

    PETA are a bunch of annoying hippy jerks trying to brainwash kids with its mindless philosephies a turkey is more intellegent then they are HYUK,HYUK,HYUK SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAWK


  2. 2 Caroline
    May 14, 2009 at 13:37

    You’re a brainless idiot if you think PETA is trying to get across some Disney-esque message. Go to the site and watch some of those animals cramped in tiny cages all their life and suffering. Or the way they are kicked and beaten. Killing an animal by electrocuting it through it’s anus. Skinning it while it’s still alive. I’m not a veg or a vegan, but for shits sake, show some respect for living creatures. That’s basic decency and what should separate us from crawling around on all fours. Empathy. We KNOW animals have the capacity to suffer, so only a sociopath would want to inflict agony on another living creature NEEDLESSLY. PETA may be extreme, but at least they are shedding light on issues that the rest of us would rather pretend don’t exist, and give a voice to those animals.


    • 3 swittersb
      May 14, 2009 at 13:48

      Civil balance Caroline…just balance. I agree slaughter house ethics suffer but I do not believe the bumper sticker I saw this week in Portland ‘Meat equals Murder’. That absurdity is equal to the absurdity of animal abuse and crude torture of our food stocks…I have empathy for animals, own animals and treat them with respect. But, PETA’s agenda seems to always correspond with a bigger agenda beyond veganism…that is my rub. But, you had your rant…and the sociopaths are to be abhorred…by way of example: I recently fired an employee at a lumber mill who was crushing kittens from feral mom’s. Nuisance cats to be sure…but not hurting anything in their enviornment. I fired him and reported him to law enforcement because his glee in stomping kitten’s heads into the pavement made me consider him a possible risk to humans….that said, I think I will have a hamburger tonite…thanks for visiting Caroline…and your input.
      http://www.oregonhumane.org/news/stories/Two_Pigs_Duck_Adoption.asp (Case In Point)


  3. 4 Mad Bluebird
    April 21, 2009 at 07:49

    PETA is strictly for brainless idiots who buy into their rediclous disneyfied view of animals I mean PETA is bigger danger to animals then poachers or smugglers ever were a chicken is more intellegent


  4. December 16, 2008 at 17:06

    PETA is dumb. Animals were put on earth for us! Duh they are not our friends, they are our food!!!


  5. 6 Jared the Fisher
    November 11, 2008 at 01:46

    When I see/read a story about a snakehead devouring a human being, you can slap me silly and shit in my hat. But until then the Sun, and Peta can kiss my ass.


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