Nymphs (still seducing us)

Mayfly Nymph

Mayfly Nymph

Sleeping Wood Nymph

Sleeping Wood Nymph


Tuscan Water Nymph~Hmmm? Not as appealing

Tuscan Water Nymph~Hmmm? Not as appealing


In Greek mythology/religion Nymphs had important roles. They were the main nature beings of Ancient Greece. There were three major water nymph groups. They were: Naiads, Oceanids, and Nereids. There were also many subwater groups of Nymphs. There were Nymphs for just about everything in nature except animals. There were even even specific Nymphs for the Mediterranean sea, but we’ll get to that later. Nymphs hardly ever wore clothing. Nymphs such as the water Nymphs and wood Nymphs depended on their home for survival. For example, if something ever happened to a water nymph’s body of water, they would suffer along with it. Same for the wood Nymphs. If something killed their tree, the would be killed too. Mostly they were healthy Nymphs. They were NOT immortal. The closest they came to immortality was the fact that they lived a long time. Much longer than any mortal would hope to live. They spent most of their lives falling in love, running through the forests, having fun, stuff like that. Nymphs often fell in love with mortal men. Sometimes they married them, sometimes they were rejected. Also, lots of Nymphs gave birth to Zeus’s children. Overall, Nymphs had pretty interesting lives.

I think Dionysus, Pan and Hermes had it figured out. In Greek mythology, a nymph was a class of naked female forms that lived in mountains, groves, by spings, rivers, lakes and oceans. No wonder we are drawn to these areas. The nymphs were believed to be drawn to the ‘superior divinities’ and were eager to serve. What a perfectly intoxicating idea. Naked women moving about eager to provide comfort and pleasure. How the nymphs transfered to entomological definitions is too much work for me right now. I am having more fun looking at nymph impressions on canvas. Yes, I read about Romans and Macedonia streams and nymphs and well, back to the paintings for me. 


Hylus Meets The Nymphs

Hylas Meets The Nymphs

 John William Waterhouse – Hylas and the Nymphs (1896). Ah, see this is the downside. Hylas, a young ‘friend’ of Hercules, went to the waters edge at night, in the moonlight the story goes, for water. He comes upon the sedutively lovely nymphs…he is drawn near for the kiss. The sweet kiss. He was drawn over the edge to the depths and never seen again. Perhaps this is why our nymphs have that sharp hook affixed as a reminder to be careful.  

8 Responses to “Nymphs (still seducing us)”

  1. 1 Tyler Kalmuck
    April 6, 2010 at 12:41

    hello, I am a student at the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse and am currently making an informational website about mayflies. I am emailing you to ask permission to use one of your mayfly images on my webpage which will be viewable to the public. The image will be referenced back to your webpage and will remain online as a part of a larger project: multiple organisms.net
    I would appreciate it thanks



    • 2 SwittersB
      April 6, 2010 at 20:12

      Hello Tyler…I recently received a similar request and responded this way….”I originally downloaded this pic from an elementary school site However, when I attempted to contact Almaden Elementary I could not reach them via the site. You have my permission. However, if you need further clarity, further research Almanden Elementary re a research project and see if a point of contact is ascertainable…best wishes.”

      Almaden Elementary School
      1295 Dentwood Dr.
      San Jose, CA 95118
      Santa Clara County
      Map Almaden Elementary School

      voicePhone: (408) 535-6207
      faxFax: (408) 535-2328

      Please feel free to use it…with the above in mind.


  2. 3 Tyler Kalmuck
    April 4, 2010 at 17:07

    I am a student at UW LaCrosse and am currently making a website on mayflies and would like to use this picture of a mayfly nymph for the site. I am required to ask permission by copyright law. May I use this picture for my website? I woould appreciate it, thanks



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