Urine Bottle Bomb
Urine Bottle Bomb

“Police say there’s been an alarming rise in urine-filled plastic containers found along a three-mile stretch of Interstate 84 in eastern Oregon.

A litter crew for the Oregon Department of Transportation picked up an estimated 200-300 urine filled plastic bottles, along the highway, about half of which were found in a short stretch dubbed “Three Mile Hill.”

“This area is prone to this problem because commercial trucks are driving at a slow speed and drivers can urinate into bottles and toss them out the window.”

Reese said commercial truck drivers told him the price of fuel may be causing drivers to travel slower than normal to save fuel while at the same time passing rest areas or truck stops.

The problem, called improperly disposing of human waste, is a misdemeanor and offenders may be arrested, taken to jail and fined up to $250, police said.

Police said all the drivers they talked to unanimously said throwing bottles of urine out of moving vehicle windows is disgusting and not professional.” http://current.com/items/89181266_increase_seen_in_urine_bottles_on_i_84Whether we are driving or stationary (don’t do it while driving), we should not be tossing the urine filled bottle to the roadside for others to clean up. Seal the lid and save for a suitable container. There you go, a how to save the environment and how to safely pee in a bottle post. Of course, I am pretty certain that someone will take exception to disposing of a urine filled bottle in a garbage can….here is the correct approach: pull safely to the side of the road, pee in the bottle without dribbling pee all over, go to the nearest toilet (probably a stinky outhouse if you are headed to fish, but maybe not) and pour your urine from the bottle into the toilet, find an appropriate place to dispose of the bottle, preferably a plastics’ recycling container. That is a lot of work to be yellowish-green.