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Buster et al (Like he said, pass the beer)

Fishin Statement

“Broadcasting from high atop the Bilgewater Building in Dogpatch USA, hello and welcome.

We are a small mob of dirtbag flyfishers with a web site. We’ve stared at enough water and felt enough piscatorial vivacity in our mitts to maybe have some things to say about it. You might disagree, but here you are anyway. Did you bring beer?

We’ve stumbled out of a variety of regions and fallen together on the internets. We’re pretty much staunch localists who are still stoked about the rivers, lakes and beaches we’re lucky enough to call our home waters, and wanted to get the words down before life goes and robs us of the alphabet. And we want to have a good time doing it.

You should also expect stuff that’s only marginally fishing-related, maybe, if at all, because we’re prone to strange compulsions. We tend to poke a lot of fun, because we like to laugh, and we believe none of this should be taken all that seriously. You like to laugh, dontcha? Good answer.

We hope it suits you. If not, well, you’re still here so hand over that beer, dammit. Like democracy, the price of awesome ain’t free.”

Buster Wants To Fish

Buster Abides

These guys turn a mean phrase. Fun and more fun. Every once in awhile even something to agree with…definitely plenty to ponder.


Ed Story Dies, Monday August 4, 2008 (Thanks, Ed)

Ed Story~RIP (Crackleback, a small reminder of a good man)

Ed Story~RIP (Crackleback, a small reminder of a good man)

Ed Story, my dad, passed away on Monday, August 4th. Ed was a U.S. Army veteran, owner and founder of Feather-Craft Fly Fishing, teacher and friend to many. Ed created the F-C Crackleback Dry Woolly and dozens of other world famous fresh and saltwater fly patterns. Everyone who met Ed would quickly consider him a friend. If you happened to run into him walking through our St. Louis storefront, he’d smile, shake your hand and ask, “How can I help?” Chances are ten minutes later he had you on the casting yard or at the tying bench giving you a personal lesson. He had a dynamic personality and a boundless energy for spreading the joy of fly fishing. His energy was also felt by thousands of his customers/friends that he advised and mentored over the F-C phone lines for over three decades. He loved teaching and talking about fly fishing almost as much as he loved doing it.

My dad and I have been best friends and business partners since I was twelve years old; working side by side the past 28 years we never had one argument. He was loaded with wisdom that applied to both business and life. “Be nice to everybody” was his favorite advice to give, and exactly the way he lived his life. When he began handing me the reigns to the family business almost a decade ago, he knew that he had instilled in me his commitment, compassion, spirit and enthusiasm for fly fishing, and for Feather-Craft. All of us here at Feather-Craft will miss Ed terribly, but we will continue on with the highest level of service and commitment to our customers and to our sport, just as he wanted.

The Story family has initiated the “Ed Story Memorial Fund” that will benefit a restoration project on one of Ed’s favorite Missouri trout streams. Our hope is to spearhead a significant project that can be dedicated in his memory. Any donations can be sent to:
Ed Story Memorial Fund c/o Feather-Craft
PO Box 19904
St. Louis, MO 63144

Sincerely, Bob Story

On August 2, I posted a small piece re the Crackleback fly v. the Griffith’s Gnat. In the back of my mind I recalled the Feather Craft Catalog as a fun catalog to go through because interspersed within were small how to snippets on how to fish this or use that. It was a low budget catalog, much like LaFontaine’s was. LaFontaine also had that how to quality that was and is unique to flyfishing. This morning, I checked my blog to see what people were querying and saw a higher than usual interest in the Crackleback. I didn’t ask why. I thought ‘that reminds me of how cool that catalog was’. The how to quality of it was exactly what I have wanted to do here for beginners. I decided to query Ed Story and learn a little more about him to highlight his unique ‘how to’ slant and found the message from his son, Bob. God’s speed, Ed. Thank you.

Note the Ed Story Memorial Fund. A donation to that fund would be nice. I am going to, in thanks to the man I never met, but who always lifted my spirits with that catalog. photo from:

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