Fishin Statement

“Broadcasting from high atop the Bilgewater Building in Dogpatch USA, hello and welcome.

We are a small mob of dirtbag flyfishers with a web site. We’ve stared at enough water and felt enough piscatorial vivacity in our mitts to maybe have some things to say about it. You might disagree, but here you are anyway. Did you bring beer?

We’ve stumbled out of a variety of regions and fallen together on the internets. We’re pretty much staunch localists who are still stoked about the rivers, lakes and beaches we’re lucky enough to call our home waters, and wanted to get the words down before life goes and robs us of the alphabet. And we want to have a good time doing it.

You should also expect stuff that’s only marginally fishing-related, maybe, if at all, because we’re prone to strange compulsions. We tend to poke a lot of fun, because we like to laugh, and we believe none of this should be taken all that seriously. You like to laugh, dontcha? Good answer.

We hope it suits you. If not, well, you’re still here so hand over that beer, dammit. Like democracy, the price of awesome ain’t free.”

Buster Wants To Fish

Buster Abides

These guys turn a mean phrase. Fun and more fun. Every once in awhile even something to agree with…definitely plenty to ponder.