Even if Andrea Mogliotti is a bit uptight about her privacy/copyright space, there are some wonderful patterns here, attributed to Andrea. The insect photography by Andrea Mogliotti is akin to Troutnut.com although not as extensive. This is a nice site. By way of an explanation for Andrea in advance of why I am disiplaying her site? Because it is damn good and that is that. And, because I am in this for the beginner that visit my sight, I am sure Andrea will welcome your interest in the site and the associated links. Much to learn here. Just don’t copy and post her pics, even if referred back to her. Just visit and learn.


Fair Use (fitting four basic criteria) of materials that are referred back to the source and no gain for me, beyond readership is acceptable practice and what has evolved despite consternation of those artistic and creative souls. So, go to Andrea’s site and enjoy.