Measure 4 LOSES!!!!!! Pebble Mine Vote Update; 8/27/08, 0555 PDT

Number of Precincts   438  
Precincts Reporting   429 97.9 %
Times Counted   168736/476472 35.4 %
Total Votes   166794  

YES   71456       42.84%
NO   95338 57.16%





Obama Favors Pebble Mine In Alaska Building Earthquake-Proof Dams, Posted Aug 24, 2008

‘Barack Obama and Fairbanks, Alaska Mayor Jim Whitaker have one thing in common: they oppose Proposition 4 which would ban large metal mines from discharging large amounts of toxic chemicals into salmon streams and drinking water supplies.’
‘Obama opposed it because he said that it would have a significant impact on jobs. he hopes that environmentalists in Alaska and nationwide will forget about this. Mining interests in Alaska have contributed more money to the ”Vote No to Ballot Initiative 4” than contributions to either presidential candidate.’
‘Obama has awarded Fairbanks Mayor Whitaker with an invitation to the Denver, Colorado Democratic National Convention in exchange for his endorsement of the campaign. Is this ”change we can believe in” or just another example of the old style politics of one hand washing the other? You can decide this for yourself.’

‘By the way, Whitaker is a Republican.’

“Native’ Alaskans (not sure if that means Tribal entities or non-Tribal residents) don’t want Measure 4 to pass because of a loss of opportunity. They support their fisheries, but their livelihoods are stagnant. 

Both sides have merit, but sincere activists and citizens are probably being swarmed over by EnviroMentalists and Big Mining spin. Typical of our lives today. The truth is obliterated by spin, innuendo, mind games. Too bad. We shall see what the citizens say and how that sets with the opposing sides. Not sure how fast votes are tabulated up North.   

Wayne Stevens

President of the Alaska Chamber of Commerce

“The State Chamber is opposed to the ballot initiative…”

“While no one, I repeat no one, wants to see fish or water impacted. The regulatory environment in this state is very, very rigorous and very, very thorough. There are some wonderful success stories in our state of mine operations. Particularly, the mines impact on providing economic opportunity for citizens in communities that have historically high levels of unemployment and low rates of opportunity for jobs beyond a clerk at the post office, a clerk at the grocery store or a clerk at the gas station.”

http://www.petroleumnews.com/pntruncate/141413840.shtml (Several position in opposition to Measure 4)


http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/26/opinion/26tue2.html?ref=opinion (Proponents of Measure 4…NY Times Editorial board)


“All Alaska residents need to help stop this potential environmental boondoggle next week by voting YES on Ballot Measure #4. If you are not a resident of Alaska but you know someone who is, urge him or her to vote YES on Ballot Measure #4 on August 26. Please, do it now! Pick up the phone or shoot an email to all your friends in Alaska.”

“Basically this ballot measure puts stricter standards in place for NEW mines in relation to water quality. If you’d like more info please visit this site: (http://www.alaskacleanwater.org/).”


Pebble Mine Proposed Area

Pebble Mine Proposed Area

http://www.truthaboutpebble.org/ProtectingtheEnvironment/tabid/557/Default.aspx (One Side-Pro)

https://swittersb.wordpress.com/2008/08/09/pebble-mine-the-dilemma-big-resources-v-big-fishery (My Previous Post re this Hot Topic)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH_TzBju8rU  (Red Gold Trailer)

Outsiders seem pretty adamant: stop big industry from constructing Pebble Mine and pass Measure 4 to regulate to a stand still any chance of developing Pebble Mine.

MEASURE NO. 4 – 07WTR3   (FAILS!!!!!!!)    
Number of Precincts   438  
Precincts Reporting   429 97.9 %
Times Counted   168736/476472 35.4 %
Total Votes   166794  

YES 71456 42.84%
NO 95338 57.16%

The Citizens of Alaska have voted and while living in the midst of so much natural beauty, decided to pick at that scab…I pray it does not become infected. This will become immensely interesting now. There is no doubt that some group(s) will file suit(s) and do so while ignoring the will of the citizens of Alaska. Oh, I am sure the fronted spokesman (sorry, it will be a man…probably a local or regional tribal spokesman) we be Alaskan. But, this is going to be financed by out of state interests, though not as flush as the mining interests.  

Early results 31% Vote: Measure 4 Losing   44% -55% 

5 Responses to “Measure 4 LOSES!!!!!! Pebble Mine Vote Update; 8/27/08, 0555 PDT”

  1. 1 swittersb
    September 18, 2008 at 08:20

    Thank you for posting Kris. I am very pro Palin and very pro environment. You same enviornmental issues are not important to Palin. How do you know that? It is a balance of man’s needs and nature’s needs. Yes, LA and many urban areas grew too fast with no regard for the maintenance of habitat etc. But, balance is the word. ANWR is 19 million acres. The area Palin mentions to open is 2000 acres or the size of LAX…another comparison I have heard is LAX the drill site in South Carolina. Yes, the infrastructure would have to be built too…fine. This all or nothing approach is bad for on either side. Pebble Mine is troubling…but did you know that Obama received mining $$$ and that he supported the opposition to Measure 4? He invited the Republican Mayor of Fairbanks to the Dem convention. Now, I imagine Barack will tout his enviro creds..maybe…but there are many sides to an issue. Habitat is built in to many developments now. We should slow down density and growth..We should protect species to a point..I am sure you have heard of silly protected status for insects that stop development…games are being played by both side..greed for development…anti development to protect species when it is really anti-capitalism. Remember this..in some fringe but loud circle the new Red is Green Red=Green Anyway…an important topic it is…but don’t necessarily buy into Palin being evil..


  2. September 18, 2008 at 07:26

    Although it is way past the deadline for this message and I am not an Alaskan resident would still like to post a message here.

    Based on Palin’s attitude towards the Anwar drilling, Endangered Alaskan wild life, AND the issue of Pebble Mine, I am VERY oppposed to Palin’s getting into any office of power where she can influence environmental issues all accross the US.

    I was raised in the LA basin. Anyone who assumes that environmantal issues are not important should not be in any type of position that will enable them to someday run the rest of this country into an environmental trash heap!



  3. 3 swittersb
    August 30, 2008 at 14:55

    You write somewhat poetically about your passion, but with much less preciseness when it comes to the ususal innuendo re Palin. And, if your quoted source is Firedoglake and the idiots chirping forth there, then I find your and their credibility lacking. The vote was not close, please comment more and your brethern ilk too on Obama opposing Measure 4. Further, the sleeze you refernce is more reprehensible than anything that might happen at Pebble Mine. I oppose Pebble Mine, but the rediculous character assassination of Palin is ignorance….perhaps you and your breathern could comment on William Ayers and Obama and the 100 million Annenberg bucks that disappeared from a Chicago grant to ‘help the children’….Maybe you could care as much about losing your liberty to the Left as you supposedly do for fish…or is it really about the fish? Ecobots…Ecobots. You are programmed and without objectivity. You are being played. Maybe we all are?


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