East Lake, Oregon (Brown’s & Streamers in the cool Fall)

East Lake, Oregon

East Lake, Oregon

As the Summer flyfishing season wanes, as the Callibaetis hatch (size 18’s by now) deminishes, you should prepare for a replay of ice off presentations to Browns. Once mid September and early October rolls around, the temps are going to be sub freezing in the morning and maybe pleasant in the afternoons. Be prepared, just like in early June for temps that make you uncomfortable and shorten your time on or in the water. So, the Browns are going to move in again. They will return to that area within 50′ of shore and be predatious for other smaller and not so small fish.

Matuka Spruce

Matuka Spruce

This a perfect time to use sink lines and streamers, balancing the sink rate with remaining vegetation and depth of water. An intermediate will be fine in waters 15′ or less. This is not as productive fishing if you kick about trolling a Bugger. Yes, you will probably catch fish, but once you are keyed into location, you will have to elevate your retrieve’s speed to a more pronounced strip..to suggest a minnow, chub or small trout. This is taxing fishing, requiring more casts, attention to the retrieve and bigger flies. I cannot sustain hours of this like I use to on Hosmer L. in the Fall. Just blitz along working it good and then rest every so often while fishing a more conventional presentation…then gear back up.

Minnow Bugger

Minnow Bugger

This is a good time for any style of Minnow pattern you want to experiment with: Wierd & regular Woolly Buggers, Bunny Leeches, Clouser Minnows, Steelhead patterns…sling them and strip them to ellicit the predatory hit from Browns and some nice, big Rainbows too.

Practice catch and release. East Lake Resort seems to promote trophy shots of vertical, dead 5-10# Browns. The resort and ODFW need to post more info re Mercury levels in large browns. They are not suitable to eat so should be carefully photoed, if desired, and released.     

‘The ODFW has an advisory of high mercury levels in East Lake. Anglers should avoid eating brown trout of 16 inches or longer from the lake, according to the 2008 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations.’


Halloween Voodoo

Halloween Voodoo



Remember, the morning temps can be into the teens, so be prepared for very cold temps and even ice in the guides into October. The resort stays open until about mid-October if you want to spring for a cabin (my recommendation) but check site for availability and call the resort in case of any unknowns and for good up to date advice on fishing conditions.             

Spruce Fly~Tony Muncy

Spruce Fly~Tony Muncy



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