There have been very few fishing shows over the decades that have truly taught us that much. The shows range from one extreme to another. The worst are the Barrett production shows. If there ever was a pretentious, elitist mental assault these were it. Infused with exotic locations, celebrities and excellent visuals it continually smashed me in the face with smooth arrogance and uptight people sitting around smoking overpriced cigars and Scotch I’ve never heard of. Then there are the good ol’ boy bass, redfish, walleye shows. Slightly better at explaining techniques, they annoyingly insert one advertiser after another into the show and show themselves to be the most unabashed whores.

Add to this my new, increasing pet peeve…fishing’s new hipsters are adding snippets of obnoxious music to the production..usually when the fish is first on…there it is..the incessant beat and lyrics of some obscure group from Milwaukee or Tampa. Hell, I wouldn’t care if they were established, it is dumb. Annoyingly dumb. Is that what is to become of ‘The Moment’? Piss on that! It started a few years ago with the guys moving the yacht up and down the Pacific coast from Costa Rica to Alaska. There it was, fishing, cooking/wine and rock by pretentious brats with nothing of value to 99% of fishers. Again, pretentious and elitist.

GillznFinz…Humor, relaxed, non-pretentious, BUT the music. Demographics aside…it gets to be as annoying as Shawn Grigsby hpying Boss Hawg’s Craw Sauce…just too much. Truly, eliminate 75% of these shows. Christ, is there a menopausal phase for pre-Seniors? I will say there are some Canadian productions that are thoughtful, filled with a great deal of how to and there is invisible music. 

I increasingly believe in our hunger for more visuals, how to information and encouragement we/I are becoming saturated, bored, annoyed with what comes our way. Production types know this and try to stay ahead of the curve. But should they? I write all manner of things here and the overwhelming majority of anything I write to provoke thought or to vent is not what my visitors want (so you probably won’t be reading this, Ha!)…they repeatedly query how to tie and how to fish (oh, and ‘hot babes’). Flyfishing productions need to figure out how to present the same degree of knowledge as the average bass show, In-Fisherman or Lindner’s Angling Edge. Or, maybe there isn’t that much to learn afterall?.