I believe I have seen Ed Smith from Kamloops, B.C. at about ten shows over the last few years. Each time, as I watch him tie his realistic Liquid Lace nymphs, I think “That is cool. Look at the translucence of the abdomen. I need to try that.”  Each time I grab one of these small pieces of paper which has the size syringe to buy at the local pharmacy..and leave committed to trying this technique. Yet, I have not done so after all these years. And, I have Liquid Lace waiting. Why has this not progressed further? Well, I believe the hitch is in acquiring the syringes. I have tried at several pharmacies, and even taken the instructions to the counter to demonstrate what I am looking for and lend some legitimacy to the search. The mere fact I suggest why I want them is often met with annoyance by the pharmacist assistant. Further, I have not found a pharmacy that carries the size required. Is this a Canadian thing? Syringes readily available in this odd size? US pharmacies seem to only have larger sizes. I am not quoting the exact size right now as I don’t have the little slip of paper in front of me (another reason I am not progressing on this quest?). So, all that aside, I always think these are realistic looking flies…I need to move on this…especially the chironomids. So, I suspect I will see Ed again in Portland perhaps this Fall or Winter. I think Ed should bring and sell syringes. Is it legal to transport syringes into the US? Not sure.

If you get a chance to see Ed at a show in the NW, check out his flies. Pretty cool abs. OK, I need to find that small slip of paper with that syringe size on it.


I see, if you check this site, it requires “27g 1/2″ long needle or 29g for micro lace; 3ml’s”