B & W MARABOO ( my all time favorite!):

HOOK: TMC 5263, Daiichi 2220, # 6-10
THREAD: Uni 3/0 or 6/0, Black
BODY/ABDOMEN: White or yellow chenille
RIB: Silver or Gold Tinsel
OVERWING: Black Marabou
UNDERWING: White Marabou, or, Yellow Marabou

“A standard streamer pattern for the Owens and East Walker Rivers. I first used this fly on the Owens River Ranch in 1976. Fish on a full or sink tip line with 3ft. of Seaguar 2X-4X Tippet material depending on hook size. I usually fish quartering downstream, roll casting to the bank with a swift pull on the fly as it swings under the bank. Rod tip and stripping action may be altered to fit the situation. I sometimes add twist-ons or shot depending on depth and flow to get the fly down DEEP. I try to use a slip strike to set the hook- they can be jolting. An alternate method I have employed, is to cast the fly upstream, place the rod under my right arm and strip just ahead of the current flow with BOTH HANDS. This practice has culminated in more than a few suprising results…”


This is a pattern similar to one used on Central Oregon lakes in the early Fall. Called a dart in Oregon (and elsewhere for all I know), it is the same simple wrapped or layered application of marabou to the shank. Maybe, maybe not some krystl flash. The undulation of the marabout does the trick and the krystal flash could impede the materials movement. I have suggested exploring planettrout before. It is a good blend of his tying (many patterns) and his love of family. Nice site.