Brown Trout~Lynn Dingler
Brown Trout~Lynn Dingler

I have taken the liberty to share two emails to me, that so aptly displays the preciseness on the one hand of a thoughtful, highly successful fly fisher, and then of another equally successful fly fisher’s good natured humor and the ever present teasing of a friend. No teasing….no friendship…don’t you agree? 

These were a few of the 46 fish I brought to the kick boat during the
first week in October.  All right, Larry got more, but it’s really about
the camaraderie and fishing, not the catching, right?

Any way we fished 5 days straight for 6 hours a day at East Lake,
Wickiup and Lava.  I primarily used some form of #10 brown to black
leach on a class 3 full sinking line.  I only got 4 on a cast and
retrieve with the majority coming on a kick and twitch approach.
Wickiup was a bust so all the fish came from East and Lava.  A majority
of the fish were between 14″ and 18″ inches with only one 20+” in the
mix.  The most productive areas were, Oh never mind you probably aren’t

See you,


PS  Larry was back at East the following weekend in a snow storm and
hammered the browns, or so he says.




Dear Gary,

THis is a first.  Lynn Dingler, with photo evidence of success on the
I must admit, he takes a good picture (perhaps of the same fish?) and,
practice, you may even see more of his abilities to “photo shop” his
triumphs.  Actually, Lynn, Steve, Chris and I had a fantastic time
cooking, sampling good wine and single malt.  It really is about the
camaraderie.  Good weather always helps too.



Two opposing forces seem to draw upon us as fly fishers: solitude at that special body of water, begrudingly shared, with someone hopefully several hundred yards away. Maybe we allow a close family member or friend  to quietly intrude. Both understand the solitude. We are lost in thought or acutely focused on solving the puzzle and enjoying ‘the moment’.

In the opposite direction is the intentional sharing of this fly fishing experience with our close friends and perhaps their friends, in a more festive experience…a celebration of sorts. Fishing is still important, but the friendship is celebrated as much as the fishing. Out of this comes the banter and memories that are shared and remembered with a smile. The group above knows how to fish and each is quite capable of solving the puzzle and enjoying the solitude on a quiet lake in the Fall. But, reading the teasing and mutual respect, one knows these men are committed to their friendship as much as ‘the moment’.   

These men started in the Spring with snow still blowing and they have finished with Fall snows. Beginning to end they have consistently produced some very beautiful fish and lasting memories of camaraderie.  


Thanks to Lynn Dingler and Larry Tamiyasu for the great pics and sharing of their friendship borne from many days together on the water.

Brown Trout W/ Leech~Lynn Dingler
Brown Trout W/ Leech~Lynn Dingler