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Fishing Fury (Dialed in; Creative Energy & Imagaination)

Write Clive at Fishing Fury and encourage him in producing his T design. Then purchase them!

Fishing Fury Design

Fishing Fury Design



This a great site where the Fishing Fury team ventures forth catching all manner of species. There is a strong sense of the search here. They are experimenting, enquiring, researching…figuring it out. This is a common trait for most inquisitive fishers. In recent discussions with my son, Tony, we noted how celebrities of sorts dominate the fishing industry mags and ezines, but the real innovations often come from the ‘bums’ who tweak the gear, the lines, techniques to suit the harsh realities of less than optimum conditions. The bums often spend the Winter locked down with the gear, planning and scheming and fishing in the harsh environment. The celebs are off to the Seychelles; the bums barely have money to buy a spare spool. If you peruse the Fishing Fury site you will quickly see the ‘team’ speaks of this drive more precisely than I could:
 Jonathon Marshall
The science of fishing. Jonathon’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. He approaches fishing like a mathematical equation, finding solutions in all types of conditions for all types of species. Ultimately this knowledge leads to the answer every fisherman looks for. How to find big fish consistently. When you see Jonathon changing his lure or approach, don’t make the mistake of asking him why unless you have some spare time. Instead, sit back and watch for a moment, as he’s likely on the trail of something monstrous.

Clive Mathias
The art of fishing. Clive’s abilities and skills were acquired by years of experience, his almost unconscious creation and imagination of methods often defy general explanation, but the results speak for themselves. Asking him why he chooses that particular lure at any given time is like asking a musician why he chose a specific note. His father, a deep sea fisherman in BVI, died before ever passing on the whole of his fishing knowledge, but it lives on in the blood coursing through his sons veins, pure instinct and gut feeling give him an almost supernatural fishing ability.

What is Fishing Fury?
Fishing Fury is a group of friends with an overwhelming passion for the sport of fishing, the great outdoors, crazy adventures, exploration of the world around us and doing what makes us happy. Our eventual goal is to one day have a TV show where we take you the viewer along to experience fishing and the great outdoors as we do, introducing you to interesting and unexpected topics, people, and circumstances.




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