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No Pebble Mine! (might’s, maybe’s, specifics please…then mount the offensive)


At the headwaters of the Kvichak and the Nushagak Rivers in Bristol Bay Alaska — the two largest remaining sockeye salmon runs on the planet — mining companies Northern Dynasty and Anglo American have proposed to extract what may prove to be the richest deposit of gold and copper in the world. Red Gold is a portrait of a unique way of life that would not exist if the salmon didn’t return with Bristol Bay’s tide.

Let’s lick these sub-human corporations and bury them in one of their own holes.

Hmm? Quite a quote from the Oregon FF Blog. Several remarks were relevant in the short promo for the Red Gold piece: no major mining operation has ever been initiated in a spot so close to a major fishery habitat; and the villain of the promo from the mining company said let’s see what the studies determine re suitability.

I have remarked before that the hyperbole of anti anything-anyone that in any manner threatens or questions the sanctity of fish is frankly asinine and silly. Preaching to the choir isn’t getting it is it? What are the facts of Western mining? (not in Nigeria or Bolivia, but North America) The safety record, especially the failures and the realities of tailing pools and leaching? Enough mights and could’s…seriously, how about an intelligent presentation of the risks, benefits, realities. 

Tweaking us with Indians, Good Ol’ Boy commercial fishermen and the same old biologist sputterings of ‘coulds’ and ‘mights’ is not going to get it. 

Write Palin, launch the feel good eco movement BS, but somewhere someone provide the scientific and historical data of why these operations do indeed cause harm. What is the safety record and violations of Highland Valley Copper Mine in B.C.? That has ponds. I have seen them. Do they leak and what is the harm caused to fisheries?

Where is mining to take place? Is a pit mine, by virtue of the earth being gouged out, inherently evil? If so, then you are perhaps over reacting and providing no intelligent counter to why that mine should not be built at that location. What is the gold and copper for? How far has this project progressed and is it a present danger even now? 

So, rather than rally the rods around some feel good, angst ridden visuals, the biologists, researchers, and nay sayers better come up with definitive data. It exists.

Also, realize our new President is very pro mining and has supported Pebble Mine development (at least he didn’t speak out against it and it was one of the reasons for the  Fairbank’s Mayor, a Republican, being invited to the Denver Convention). Perhaps Obama and Reid (another mining whore) can be persuaded to bring pressure to bare upon the Dept. of the Interior. All the fuss about big oil?  Research Mining $$$ to Obama, this campaign.   



This is dated from 2006, but some good insights back then.

 Applications for Mining Permits by Northern Dynasty.
Nearly 2,000 pages of mine plans and permit applications submitted to DNR by Pebble proponent Northern Dynasty in late 2006 show the direct destruction of salmon habitat, the withdrawal of all water from the upper reaches of Upper Talarik Creek and the South Fork Koktuli River, and the construction of some of the largest dams in the world right in the heart of the Bristol Bay Watershed.  The presence of such industrial activity, coupled with the mining industry’s track record, pose an unacceptable risk to Bristol Bay’s wild salmon.

This is not just about habitat preservation, but about government policies that go to the heart and soul of Alaska and Alaska’s future. The rainbow trout, the Mulchatna herd of caribou, the arctic grayling, salmon of all species — these are just a few of the creatures whose habitats and very existence are now in danger in the Bristol Bay watershed of Alaska. These animals and others, including humans, are dependant on the clean water of streams and rivers in the area for their basic survival. The threat extends to every fishing, hunting, and tourist business in Alaska that relies upon the pristine natural resources of Southwestern Alaska.     

Northern Dynasty’s Proposed Pebble Mine Plans.
Most recently, in 2006, Northern Dynasty began the permitting process by filing applications for water rights and for permits to build at least 5 incredibly large earthen dams on the North and South Fork of the Koktuli River at the headwaters of the Bristol Bay watershed. The proposed dams would be tailings settling ponds or in another words, toxic waste storage sites. The one earthen dam would be 740 feet high and 4.3 miles long. The other dam would be 700 feet high and 2.9 miles long. The larger dam would be higher than the Hoover Dam or the Grand Coulee Dam which are of course made of concrete. These proposed earthen dams are in one of the most active earthquake zones in Alaska.

Pollution from the Summitville Gold Mine in Colorado sterilized 17 miles of the Alamosa River. The mine was abandoned and its operator, Summitville Consolidated Mining Corp. Inc. declared bankruptcy.


Ian Colin James “Muncher” Nymph

munchernymph1There are another three important fish hitting triggers incorporated into the Muncher Nymph, but as folk like to rip-off fly patterns, the only way you are going to find out what those other triggers are, is to purchase a few and then take a long hard look at the flies. Just remember that when no fish are showing, and in a wide range of conditions, the Muncher Nymph will consistently produce fish. The Muncher Nymph has produced fish from Alaska down to Arkansas, all-across Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavia.

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