Catch Magazine #3 (Elixir for Winter Doldrums)


(Update January 4, 2008, see Comment from Brian O’Keefe~very interesting)

The underwater pics are amazing. Sometimes one can become too comfortable looking at these pics and take them for granted. The travel, efforts to catch and capture the moments and underwater release are perhaps lost on the armchair voyeur. Many of us have traveled or suffered enough to understand the logistics of getting there, figuring it out once there and then not fishing, but camera(s) in hand attempting to capture new and interesting images…something different…something to tweak from a new perspective…something to highlight the man (or woman), the water, the fish and nature’s magnificence. To write this is one thing…to capture many moods and nuances with a moments finger pressure is quite another. Synchronizing nature, fish, man and chance in a fleeting moment is an art we all can appreciate, but not duplicate. Hence, Brian and Todd et al to travel, plan and intuitively shoot.

This is, again, a spectacular issue. Anyone can find numerous shots here to wash a satisfying elixir over the brain. I posted re Jay Moor, from Utah, yesterday. All these flyfishermen, who pic up the cameras are blessed with an inner eye for composition that provides us the impetus to travel, daydream of some day hopefully traveling or to see the potential for beauty in our own back yard through a camera’s lens. 


 Catch Magazine <info@catchmagazine.net  

1 Response to “Catch Magazine #3 (Elixir for Winter Doldrums)”

  1. January 4, 2009 at 07:32

    Hello from Catch Magazine – Thanks a bunch for the nice write up. You nailed it. Great photography, on a regular basis does not come easy. Often a nice hatch, or perfect steelhead run have to be passed on in order to get a nice shot. In my case, I’ve been fishing hard, guiding (5 years) and traveling for 40 years. I can pass on a few fish…but not all. Photography is a by-product of fishing. Most good photographer’s, that I know, Like Val Atkinson, Jason Jagger, Adam Barker, the Becks, etc are very good angler’s. They, like myself, have that tug-of-war between camera and casting. But taking the rod out of the equation is like writing a book on sex and not having a girlfriend.

    Keep up the good work.

    Brian O’Keefe


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