I seriously doubt, one dimwitted PETA advocate possesses a fraction of the integrity or reverence for fish that most fishermen have…whether they harvest or not. Ethical treatment yes, harvest yes, waste no…otherwise shut up and eat your kale and brussel sprouts.

In fact, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals want Whitefish High School to rename itself Sea Kitten High School, encouraging everyone to refer to fish and other marine animals as sea kittens….The name-change request – which is admittedly tongue-in cheek – is part of a national initiative on behalf of all fish species, which PETA says suffer unduly because they are not “cute and cuddly.”  

 The only thing more pathetic than the relentless absurdity of  PETA is when some bureaucrat agrees to these far fetched pronouncements and adopts asinine PC speak… I know this has been out a bit, but I remain equal to the task to remind fly fishers that you are only one step removed from these twits on many of your less than reasoned, knee jerk eco pronouncements…strange bedfellows in deed…with, heaven help us, potential bad consequences…. http://www.fishinghurts.com/ 


photo via: http://www.2flashgames.com