Waerhouse Nymph
Waterhouse Nymph

I have come to realize that that old phrase ‘nymphette’ is a serious obsession for some. I mean I wouldn’t mind coming upon a half naked beauty near a stream with no mosquito’s or boulders. I do recall walking around a bend on the South Fork of the McKenzie R. and encountering a bevy of naked hippie girls. They were up above Rainbow, Oregon waiting on a Dead concert. That was a pleasant experience. There seems to be more to this nymph thing. It is a part of that ‘otherly’ experience we all have but may ignore enroute to the water’s edge. We may be focused upon the process, preparation and  presentation. The walk in the woods, the greeness, the lushness, the secret paths and hiding places are lost upon us as we make sure we take the right path toward the sound of the river. Imagination gives way to visualization of the lie, the take, the fight, the moment that dumps pleasant chemicals into our bloodstream.

Yet, most of us relish or accept the mystical qualities of the water’s edge and deeper back into the woods…whether we lay it to God, Mother Nature or some other-worldly force we often possess fanciful images amongst the moss, ground cover and trees.

I do recall an image used by a fly tyer in his book that depicted a nymphal shape combined with a naked female that was sexy and would make a great tattoo. Does anyone recall that nymph book…seems it was about stillwater fishing…