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PETA Anti-fishing Stupidity: Stop the Damn gillnetting of sea kittens on Columbia River!!!


“PETA’s right: Anglers should find a hobby that doesn’t involve hurting animals.

In college, I had a fish friend named Jack who used to wait for me to come home from classes. When I opened the door to my apartment, Jack would race up to the top of the tank to greet me and take food from my fingers. I recently read about a Pennsylvania man and his young son who taught their fish to swim through hoops, push fish-sized soccer balls into nets, and do other tricks.

Fish are smart, curious animals, just like the dogs and cats many of us share our homes with. If you wouldn’t hook a pussycat through the mouth for “fun,” you shouldn’t do it to a “sea kitten” either.”


Awesome Ant Tutorial (Bindung des ehrfürchtigen Ameisen-Tutoriums)

WS Ameise~Werner Steinsdorfer

WS Ameise~Werner Steinsdorfer


Foam Construction for Ant


Brassie (fliegenfischer-fliegenbindung)

 This pattern combines the worth of the Copper John and the Hare’s Ear. The standard Brassie uses the copper wire but usually only has a small peacock or dubbing ball. That is not a bad little pattern, particulary  for a chironomid dropper on streams. The depicted Brassie will sink quickly and possess animation. This is a perfect for, dare I say it, the Czech Nymphing technique, as are many fast sinking nymphs.    



Hakengrösse: 10 – 22 (Nymphenhaken; gebogen (z.B. caddis puppa Haken)
Garnfarbe: schwarz oder Brauntöne (sollte gleiche Farbe wie das Dubbing haben)
Beschwerung: keine – ist durch den Körper schon schwer genug 😉
Körper: Kupferdraht
Schwanz: keinen
Rippung: keine
Thorax: hares ear dubbing
Variante: mit einem Goldkopf für extrem schnelles Gewässer oder farbigem Kupferdraht (z.B. rot oder grün)


1. Kupferdraht in engen Wicklungen um den Haken legen. Nach 2-3 Wicklungen mit den Fingernägeln zusammenschieben, dann weiterwickeln. So entsteht eine schön gleichmäßige Wicklung. 
2. Wenn der Körper fertig gewickelt ist, das ganze in Position schieben und Bindefaden anlegen. Den Bindefaden ungefähr auf Thoraxbreite nach hinten binden.
3. Den Thorax sehr sparsam dubben ggf. noch ein paar steifere Grannen mit eindubben.
4. Kopfknoten, lackieren, fertig.Eine extrem einfache und fängige Nymphe.


Brassie Hook size: 10 – 22 (Nymph or caddis pupa hooks)

Body: Copper Wire Tail: none Serrating/Ribbing: none

Thorax: hares ear dubbing

Variations: Gold bead head for extremely fast waters or colored Copper wire (e.g. red or green)


1. Copper Wire in close wraps up hook. After 2-3 wrapped coils push together with the fingernails, then after further windings push together. Thus a beautifully even coil develops.


  2. The thoraxes should be economically dubbed.

3. Finish head and dab of head cement.

An extremely simple nymph



Great Horned Owl & those pesky crows

“Recently, I watched a Great Horned Owl mobbed by a flock of crows. Many times flocks of birds may fly at or around a hawk or owl when they feel threatened. This is called mobbing.”


Fly Line Management (Avoid Protruding Objects)


It is important to manage your fly line when casting especially in windy conditions. Stepping on the line or pulling on the line to remove it from sticking points can crease or cut the coating on the line. Pay particular attention to not crimping your line when changing spools. The line can become momentarily wedged between the spool and the reel frame and damage the coating. Closing the line in a sharp edged fly box happens to me. I have had an amazing Kamloops torpedo stip our line so fast and once the line went taught the intermediate line snapped and stripped up through the guides in a heart beat. There went the fish and there went half my fly line. I had at some point cut deeply into the coating and apparently the core. Now in the above situation, I think the angler is assured of no damage to the line.    

Photo by Denver Bryan (Images on the Wildside)

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