An American soldier whose skydiving instructor died mid-jump says he owes his safe landing to watching how they do it on TV.

Daniel Pharr has spoken about how he managed to guide his parachute to the ground and perform CPR on his teacher.

The soldier was on his first skydive strapped to George “Chip” Steele when the instructor suffered an apparent heart attack.

“Approximately 5,500ft, he deployed the main chute, and at that point, we were talking,” Mr Pharr explained.

“I asked him a question, he responded, then I continued to ask him additional questions and there was no response.”

While Mr Pharr said he would like to take the plunge again, the experience proved too much for his loved ones.

“My family has pretty much told me that is a no-go, so I’m going to keep my feet on the ground,” he said.


When you read the article, Pharr sounds extremely calm. To visualize the sequence of events is akin to those dreams or visions one has where the pilot of the plane is dead and you’re it. Slightly different in the mechanics perhaps, but no less stressful…wow! The pic is from Google Images…query those pics and it is 99% male instructor and female student…perhaps a good gig for the hands on sort of chap.