last-fish-green-300xx1Before you go on and on about the poor whales and their threatened extinction, I like whales as much as the next person and have watched them  many times in Alaska and the Sea of Cortez…very awesome..very inspiring. Apparently too inspiring for the knuckle head Paul Watson.

Enviro Activist are pathetic as are their apologist. This manner of response is beyond the pale and warrants aggressive defense against the idiots of the SSCS ship. Oh my, hope I haven’t offended your all or nothing ecobot fanaticism? I have been waiting for 30 years for some one in authority to do something in the sacred Global Community to stop the indiscriminate long lining in the Pacific..not even discussed anymore. Yet, this idiot is a hero too the anti-capitalist crowd.  There is not much separation from this activist mierda and the Sea Kitten PETA activist. Choose your heros carefully or you won’t be setting any hooks. Your actions will be akin to fishing over a redd some day, if these whack jobs set their sites on your ‘recreational’ pasttime, and all your 1% chest puffing will go for nothing.

Save your breath, Watson is a moronic crazy…this is wrong. “People of peace forced into a complex fight, In a crazy charge against insanity…” Give me a break. Bottom line for this creep and his ilk: Green= Neo Red. If I offended you..tough. This pisses me off.  (