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Callibaetis Loop Wing Emerger

Callibaetis Loop Wing Emerger

Callibaetis Loop Wing Emerger

Saw this cool pattern on (Welches, Oregon). This would be a simple pattern to tie, save the loops of multiple dry fly style hackle. The dun hackle or ostrich tail would be life like animation for the shuck.   


Two Hander Upgrade (less strain w/ a mid-level investment)

Last week, I lamented the ‘pole’ I was waving about in a futile attempt to load and shoot. I was fatigued after  a few hours fishing. So, I sprung for an Echo rod and a Lamson reel….priced in the mid $$$ range. I did this because friend Matt McCrary had tried the rod and judged it to be a worthy, affordable rod. The Lamson was also a good, solid reel. I used it for five hours today without a fraction of the fatigue I had encountered with the Redington ‘pole’. I could have sprung for the Z Axis 7136 and  Ross Momentum, but I know myself, I would have felt guilty if I didn’t use it often. That is not likely to happen, given my predilection for stillwaters and other interruptions.  So, I will be comfortable to have the Echo rod and Lamson reel and will not feel so bad if it is only used a couple dozen times a year, or so.

Echo Rod/Lamson Reel

Echo Rod/Lamson Reel



The feeling of a few shop owner/employees was the Echo rods might be too good for the price…there by stalling or reducing those that move upward into a Winston or Sage or ?? from the cheaper rods (e.g. Temple Fork).  This is a nice rod for the money. Don’t get me wrong $300+ is a chunk right now, but still a lot better than $750-900. The Lamson Reel…not my fist choice but didn’t have $375 to $475 to plop down, so the $250 was still a chunk but again cheaper and more palatable. Throw in a 510 grain Skagit and I was out the door practicing mind control, compartmentalization techniques.  It loaded beautifully and felt perfect in the hand. I am a sucker for green…the matte finish is in keeping with the utilitarian feel of the rod. I won’t look back; happy I sprung for the lighter outfit….now to use it more often.

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