Mongolian Fly Fishing (or perhaps a little Eagle Hunting for Dinner)

Eagle Hunter & Guide (You Carry the Club?)

Eagle Hunter & Guide (You Carry the Club?)


Eaglehunting is a Altai Kazakh tradition dating back about 2000 years (Marco Polo mentions it). Kazakh people use female eagles as they are one-third heavier than the males and far more aggressive.The eagles are trained to hunt hares,wild cat, ibex, foxes and wolves(eagles have eight times more acute eyesight than humans), and release them to the hunter, who clubs the prey to death.”  http://www.bluewolftravel.com/toursmore.php?cid=80


or perhaps:

Taimen, Much Like Steelhead or Sea Trout

Taimen, Much Like Steelhead or Sea Trout

I don’t for a second pretend to know much about Mongolian or Russian Fly Fishing. I do find it a fascinating adventure because of the remoteness and the surrounding culture. Unfortunately for me, the price tag is beyond my means and probably my fitness level in a few years. If I am quibbling over a mid price spey rod and reel, then as Clint said..”a man has to know his limitations”. I did Christmas Island last year, well 2007. Maybe I will get to do another exotic trip in the next few years….otherwise, perhaps the next life? The Mongolian trips, the Nomad trips in Chile, the Slovenian or Dolomite’s all are probably not going to happen. But, those adventurers that stage these trips and set up the excursions for well healed types are probably worth a good story. Yes, the pic of the guy holding the 20+ pound Taimen is interesting. But, more interesting to me are the guys that put him there…into the raft, into the drift, into the fish.


Adventure in Mongolia~http://www.fishmongolia.com


 Hello to the folks in Ulaanbaatar and beyond.

1 Response to “Mongolian Fly Fishing (or perhaps a little Eagle Hunting for Dinner)”

  1. March 30, 2009 at 09:33

    Hello Switters!

    Thanks for the link… I guess I am one of those adventurers putting the guys on the rivers and into the fish. Been living in Mongolia since 2000, many stories to tell.

    FishMongolia.com covers the high end trips, fully guided, best times, best places, finest food etc. Take a look at Taimen.mn for our no frills budget options.

    Don’t let your feet touch the ground.


    Andy P


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