I have posted before about WWII Nose Art, the adornment of bombers with either provocative hot babes or fearsome images…this practice advanced up to present times, but has diminished through PC Idiocy, surely not through a lack of artists or new technology. I was researching area ink artists when I came across this work by Jason Leisge at Oddball Studios, Portland, Oregon. It reminded me of the WWII artists, who sketched and then painted sexy babes on the sides of bombers and fighters destined to deliver young men into combat. The ink artists of today are often extraordinary artists. The ink art can betray the details one sees in their pencil drawn templates or sketches of concepts they have milling around in their heads. Now, I wouldn’t personally opt for the sleeve, but the wearer of the art has an interest in WWII history equal to the Nose Art aficionado, for sure. 

WWI Sleeve by Jason Leisge
WWII Sleeve by Jason Leisge






There are some fine sites out there re Nose Art and Wartime Tattoo’s; I need to keep looking for what my next fly fishing tat might be and who will do it…