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Fly Fishing Geography: Tasmania (always learning…the point of this blog)

Tasmania. I have heard of it.

My 2007 Christmas Is. Trip..Huh? There It Is...Tasmania

My 2007 Christmas Is. Trip..Huh? There It Is...Tasmania

I am embarrassed to say, as someone that has a pretty good geographical fix on most places on Earth, that I had NEVER noticed where Tasmania was located. Don’t ask me why, but I always thought it was out there to the East, closer to New Zealand.




But, alas, as you can see, there it is right off the coast of Australia. So, just as I have recently learned about SE Europe Fly Fishing, Mongolian Eagle Hunting and the magicians with a Spey rod; I learned where exactly Tasmania was (well, and is). I wonder if my Christmas Is. skipper new where it was…obviously his clients did.     

“Just a point of order, Sir. Tasmania is a state of Australia… and Tasmanians would object to being ‘located’ – “just off the coast of Australia”. More correctly… Tasmania, is right off the coast of ‘mainland’ Australia.”  Dear God, can I display my ignorance any more soundly? (Yes, with my grammar and other ways)…..Thanks to  ‘rantsampersandmore’

Quite amazing information from Mountain River  Journal re  Tasmania…..!!!!(see Comments Section)

“Tasmanians avoid the term mainland Australia.
We refer to it as the North Island of Tasmania” :)


The Nymph Weave Technique (Lucian Vasies)

The Weave

The Weave~Lucian Vasies

Lucian Vasies brings his excellent photography to the forefront in showing how to perform the weave technique (call it Polish Weave or shuttlecock, other names as well).

Work around the language issue. Use the excellent visuals to figure out the methods,  whether the weave or other patterns. This site is more of an intermediate level skill set. 


The Last Chance


Within the streams, Pausanias saith,

That down Cocytus Valley flow,

Girdling the grey domain of Death,

The spectral fishes come and go;

The ghosts of trout flit to and fro.

Persephone, fulfil my wish,

And grant that in the shades below

My ghost may land the ghosts of fish. 


Travis the chimp ignores veganism (bites the hands that fed him; chimp’s ass capped by police)

The Late Travis (the Neighbor Eater)

The Late Travis (the Neighbor Eater)

Update 2/20/09: Victim removed to Cleveland Clinic…preliminary assessment of Facial Transplant by some is premature. A total reconstruction is likely and as a last resort a Facial Transplant could be in the works, given Cleveland Clinic is noted for such procedures. The PTSD will require years of therapy. Poor lady.   

There is something creepy about chimps. Once met two lesbians in a rural area that had two chimps (and other exotics) and could not control them. Neighbors were terrified…the gals were seemingly oblivious to the dangers. They finally had to get rid of the critters when one attacked a neighbor…these were not 200 pound chimps like the late Travis….mind you, a chimp is upto 7 times stronger than a similarly sized human male.

A 200-pound domesticated chimpanzee who once starred in TV commercials for Old Navy and Coca-Cola was shot dead by police after a violent rampage that left a friend of its owner badly mauled. 

“There was no provocation that we know of. One thing that we’re looking into is that we understand the chimpanzee has Lyme disease and has been ill from that, so maybe from the medications he was out of sorts. We really don’t know,”

the chimpanzee was toilet trained, dressed himself, took his own bath, ate at the table and drank wine from a stemmed glass. He also brushed his teeth using a Water Pik, logged onto the computer to look at pictures, and watched television using the remote control, police said.

Yep, and ol’ Travis ate the hands off the lady like hot wings  with Jamaican rub. Where in the hell is PETA when you actually need them? Stop worry about Sea Kittens and nix the domesticated chimp….creepy I say.

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