Man and dams, Man and fish management, Man and Sea Lions That Feed on Fish at Dams That Man Built, Man Trapping and Killing Sea Lions. Humane Society Fails Last Hour Stay of Executions, So to Speak.

Of course,this will mostly play out as before, but it is seemingly proactive. Now if we could get rid of the damn gill netting  by the tribes!!!!!!!!!!

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of appeals refused to extend a stay blocking the lethal removals, which officials say will commence as early as next month if they are unable to find homes for more than 70 sea lions which have repeatedly flocked to the dam to feed on the dwindling spring Chinook salmon run.


Hard to believe the 9th Circuit could ever do anything right….that isn’t Left. Well, hopefully this will have a sustained impact on the fishery….for the good…