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life is like a fly box (except for you obsessively anal types)

Tidy & Ready~G. Muncy

Tidy & Ready~G. Muncy

“I’ll sometimes open my box and peer at the contents knowing the answer to the puzzle is right there, a fly I’ve made and used before or one that someone gave me even though I couldn’t see its usefulness, a pattern I use all the time or one that has languished for years. I sit there beside the water and search knowing the answer is there in my fly box, sure that I have seen all the evidence needed but in the end relying on faith to make the choice. That’s what my box is, a lifelong collection of faith.”

Pleasant piece about life’s decisions and the fly box. A fly box is as reflective of a person’s life as a garage, car, bedroom, attic or desk. Usually things start off organized and the chaos of life incrementally causes anything from odd placements to an out and out mess. For the anally impaired this seems to matter not. But, for us ‘imressionistic’ fly tyers, life can start half assed organized and devolve into a mess in short order. Also, the tribulations of life such as illness, death, misfortune in general throws us off track for months or more at a time. Messes…messes. I do know that I will take the mess of a trout fly box any day over the tangled, grabby mess of a spey box. Tangles of wet marabou, stinger hooks, dubbing and the like are like trying to untangle a loose collection of Wiggle Warts, Kwik-Fish and Spinners. It is Springtime and a new beginning for most trout fishers. Time to marvel at how you left your fly boxes (unless you are anal) and to replenish from your stores or start tying. And, almost time to start on that garage too.     


Holly Madison, Breast Milk and an Absess

Girls Next Door Perez  Mierda Hilton Breast Milk in Your Sauce

Holly Madison No Mas


Al Gore…debate Lomborg (you pontificating blow hard) Oh and O! Pebble Mine Status please

Gore’s Arrogance….Your Ignorance (perhaps?)


“The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance” Albert Einstein

Facts aside for Gore, HuffPo and the robotic followers, Lomborg would hand him his arrogant, carbon spewing ass. What is Gore afraid of…??? Don’t question, just follow. Oh, and before you take the angle of the HuffPo, Lomborg is not a climate change denier, rather he calls Gore and Hanson on their fabrications, errors and outright BS and offers amazingly intelligent alternatives to the crap Gore proposes…in short, Gore is scared to death to debate…never has, never will. He just collects a fortune postulating the extreme…pompous ass.  (

Oh, still looking for something on the Obama-Biden Administration plans re Pebble Mine. What is Browner et al’s position of Pebble? What are the immediate plans? Oh, I know Erkel is busy with the Nanny State Grab, but perhaps someone down the food chain can discuss the Obama Administration’s plans for Pebble Mine.



Habitat Enhancement at the Local Level (riparian fortification…still critical)

Small stream restoration

Small stream restoration

“O tutorial é simples e interessante. Você começa escolhendo através de fotos se pretende recuperar uma nascente de rio ou um curso de rio, depois escolhe o tipo de margem, tipo de solo das margens, problemas encontrados, tipo de leito do entre outras coisas. Então, sempre através de fotos como a que mostro aqui, o tutorial lhe sugere alguns projetos de recuperação, chegando a lhe dizer quais espécies de árvores e vegetação seria ideal para a recuperação do local. Realmente muito simples e funcional. Basta por mãos à obra.”

Decolando’s site has examples of habitat enhancement and the simple acts to shore up the riparian zone. Farmers here have been cooperating in these efforts for several decades, but the number of untouched rivulets and small streams is immense. A few simple measures of planting within a 3 meter zone and adding structure would go a long ways to slowing or stopping erosional damage. These are good projects, at a local level, for youth organizations and FF clubs. I recently read some typical the sky is falling, global warming, angst ridden Ted Williams type discredit these projects, because we are on the verge of mass extinction (hogwash), so why bother with delusional habitat projects. I believe, just as some want organic foods, promote green, locally based businesses/farms, that these restoration projects are critical. One does not have to buy into the Gore-Hanson BS, to see the overwhelming merits of local projects and movements to save habitat. I have a small spring fed rivulet about 2 to 3 feet wide that has natural plantings along the entire length. It was tempting, like some of my neighbors, to remove all vegetation and make it more civilized. I resisted (plus nature has a way of reclaiming if we let her) and today I have more wildlife than ever in my backyard. Raccoons, coyotes, squirrels, frogs and a variety of birds move thru my suburban back yard and hunker down near the shelter of the vegetation adjacent to the spring. Encourage neighbors, friends and land owners to do plantings etc.

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