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Wet Fly (‘smoke ‘n mirrors’ by Berdie Judd)

Birdie Judd

Birdie Judd

The pattern below is a creation of renowned tyer, Birdie Judd. Originally tied for a late evening midge hatch, Birdie as maximized the use of the pattern for several hatches. She has stayed constant with the colors, hence the name ‘Smoke ‘n Mirrors’. Birdie uses both a pupa hook and a dry fly hook for this pattern. She uses rubber material and wraps it up the shank to form the abdomen. The abdomen is not ribbed but rather the natural segmentation of the wraps suffices. Then the Thorax is comprised of black rabbit fur and some dubbed deer hair. Finally, a Starling feather is sparingly wrapped in and the head is finished. Berdie Judd has fished this pattern top to bottom and has found it effective alone or as a dropper. Berdie did not provide the exact name of the rubber material but described it as many narrow strands of rubber available in many colors. I can picture this material, but the name escapes me. (Flexi Floss maybe??)   I think the body color could be tied in numerous colors of the rubber material and the segmentation and sheen look wet and alive. Originally, this pattern was called Simply Wet, when I copied it..but Berdie wants the Smoke ‘n Mirrors tag to stand…so be it. 


Fish Tattoo Concept

Fish Tattoo Design

Fish Tattoo Design


Saw this design idea  on a 2006 blog entry. Guy decided against tattoo. I think this is a cool design for someone. It could be modified to suit one’s tastes. This has a tribal flavor, a salt water flavor too. It would be softened into a freshwater look as well. I think the guy should still get the tat and right there on the inside of  the forearm…a bold statement.    

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