Fastest Growing Glacier Mt. St. Helens (huh?) Balance Please.

Historically, the more active volcano’s are…the colder the temps become. “The well shaded north-facing crater at Mt. St. Helens, which formed during the eruption of 1980, has accumulated snow steadily since 1982-83, forming the newest and fastest growing glacier in Washington. Between 1982 and 1988, roughly 3.33 million m3/yr of snow fell in the crater, and by late 1998, the glacier had a total volume of ~71,000,000 m3 of ice.”  http://gsa.confex.com/gsa/2002CD/finalprogram/abstract_33712.htm 


Volcanic Activity & Temps

Volcanic Activity & Temps

liesHuh? If the hysteria and religious fervor were not so pronounced (worse than any Southern Baptist…sorry Baptists), we could perhaps have an intelligent discussion about the realities of this complex topic. But, we can’t slow down. Every thing is a crisis…a hype moment…the world is ending from every angle it seems. And, a charlatan snake oil salesman is near to play upon the hype. Wonder what the truth really might be? Cameras on shrinking glaciers, yet other glaciers grow around the world. Do we pick our convenient evidence and ignore contradictory evidence? Too much money at stake now in this ‘green’ hysteria. Scary hysteria, I say. That hysteria is as scary as that glassy eyed, cultish look of any Charles Manson follower or Southern Snake Charming Fundamentalist (sorry snake charmers). Read about the global warming heretic Freeman Dyson…unless your intellect surpasses his???


Lighten Up, You Devout Believers. I am not Denying (Heaven Forbid)…Just Calling for a Balanced Study of Cause & Effect and Course of Action that does not promote a loss of freedoms, liberty (enough of that going on right now), create  World-Planet anything or follow wrong headed bozos like Al Gore…that’s all.

5 Responses to “Fastest Growing Glacier Mt. St. Helens (huh?) Balance Please.”

  1. March 28, 2009 at 07:11

    Well, I have to admit I am sort of on the fence here with the greater picture. Last year and this year have been two of the longer, colder and moister winters in western Montana for some time now, ten years anyway and that was only one season. This seems to coincide with the sun going into its current period of inactivity. Of course we have the volcanoes going off too. It is proven scientific fact that large eruptions have an effect on climate as does solar activity. The sun drives the weather on this planet.
    And so do humans. How can we not, there are millions of us clambering around a planet has probably already reached it’s healthy carrying capacity for us. We are tinkering with a system we don’t even fully understand. If we do not take care of the planet it will take care of us in it’s own time, we will go the way of T. Rex, Neanderthal, and the Mammoth.
    My take on it is this. If you take ten guys out to the bar and give them all the beer, chili and nachos they can eat for the night and then confine them the next day to a very small room with only a couch, TV and toilet with no door on it, the quality of the atmosphere will certainly drop off quite rapidly. And don’t be lighting any matches!
    Irregardless of what the cause of the glaciers reforming on St. Helen’s is, it is interesting to see the natural processes it is going through. In a few thousand years when we are long gone, it will probably be doing the same thing.


  2. 2 FM Marella
    March 25, 2009 at 20:20

    are you kidding?

    FACT: Globally, the overwhelming majority of glaciers are melting away. Some are growing (a few), but most are shrinking.

    FACT. Mt St Helens is growing because the glaciers totally melted when she blew apart … lava has that effect. Well, it is still COLD at the top of Mt St Helens, it snows, it freezes, so the glaciers there are regrowing.

    Mindless anti-warming propoganda is quite quite easy to disprove. I expected better. Stick to photos of midges and half-nekkid chicks



    • 3 swittersb
      March 26, 2009 at 19:55

      Dad gummet..FM, I am crestfallen at your disapproval. When your knees get sore from kneeling at the altar…I will still be around. Mindless is lockstep, robotic acceptance. And you like the half-nekkid chicks…admit it. Regardless, thanks for the input. My point is, there is much data that is confusing regardless of what mindless ranters from both sides say….I question the agenda of anyone that spouts ‘global’ ‘planet’ ‘community’. Just my way…


  3. March 25, 2009 at 07:46

    You sound like a doubter. A naysayer. The science is settled. There is a scientific consensus. 😉

    Thanks for the chart, its illuminating.



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