“Once the construction is complete, engineers and crews will spend the next month thoroughly testing and balancing the system. This unique tower is designed to selectively draw cold water from the bottom of Lake Billy Chinook and warm water from the surface during different parts of the year to meet downstream water temperature and quality requirements. Withdrawing water from the surface of the lake will also create surface guidance current to attract migrating young salmon and steelhead into the floating top structure. ”

“As the runs of steelhead and salmon become more firmly established, PGE and the Tribes plan to add facilities that will allow the fish to migrate past the dams with less human interaction…”

“In addition to these projects, PGE and the Tribes have established the Pelton Round Butte Fund to assist the efforts of local watershed and conservation groups and public agencies. This fund of more than $20 million supports various fish passage and habitat improvement measures in the Deschutes Basin. PGE and the Tribes will continue to monitor the whole fish passage project to determine how well the salmon and steelhead are doing and what is needed to support their return to the upper reaches of the rivers.”

Check out the PGE site for Supporting Projects re interesting watershed/habitat projects that millions of dollars are being spent upon. Also, in concert with this, check out Water Watch of Oregon. They note these expensive projects can be ineffective if the water drawdown is so severe for ranching etc. A concerted effort is in order.