‘Yeah great idea. NOT. Now that there has been a MAJOR setback because if the accident the other day all the smolt looking to get to sea will be unable to do so. I guess they create a few more trout to fish for in Billy Chinook and a few land locked salmon.’ Comment by Brian Meade

“In 2008, volunteers and wildlife staff placed 140,000 spring chinook fry in the Metolius River, said Mike Gauvin, Pelton mitigation coordinator with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Those that survived the year started migrating this spring, and biologists don’t know how many are already in the reservoir, Gauvin said, but it’s probably less than half.

To catch the ones that are still on their way down the Metolius, biologists will add three traps to the two already in place on the Metolius, he said. People will check those traps daily, and truck any fish caught in them to the Lower Deschutes where they can swim to the Columbia River and on to the Pacific Ocean.”


 ‘Over the weekend, a $100 million fish passage broke during construction on Lake Billy Chinook, near Madras. The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and Portland General Electric spent Wednesday contemplating how to fix the fish passage – and who will pay for it.”