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New Zealand Stillwater Dragon Pattern (Nice Looking Pattern)

N.Z. Dragon Fly

N.Z. Dragon Fly

I could only produce this picture from a NZ Fly Fishing site and the quality is a bit fuzzy and too small. But, you get the idea.  I really like the looks of this pattern. Olive Green Swannundaze, or how about a lighter brown Swannundaze? Good possibilities here. 

Hook: 8-10 long shank (2-3x long)
Body: olive green Swannundaze (how about brown?)
Thorax: olive green Swannundaze
Wingcase: brown turkey, over both body and thorax, then lacquered (could substitute pheasant tail fibers)
Legs: end whisks of turkey wingcase (or, PT fibers)
Head: black thread

I have seen double bodied type flies out of Idaho and Montana, so when I saw this pattern it was immediately familiar. I don’t believe the bodies are separate but simply separated by a thread tie off of the wingcase. Perhaps there could be an underbody to build up a taper? Is his a taper built by tension on the material like the micro tubing patterns? Perhaps if someone knows the name or total technique they could write so it can be shared??


“This sort of compromise between feasibility and risk is common in large resource extraction projects…”


Excellent, clearly presented ariticle re oil refineries, environment and weighing the options.

Mt. Redoubt, Alaska

Mt. Redoubt, Alaska

 “This sort of compromise between feasibility and risk is common in large resource extraction projects like the oil drilling in Cook Inlet. In theory, risk is carefully weighed against benefits of development. However, the corporations developing a resource receive a greater portion of the benefits than the public with whom they share the risk. This conflict of interest between the public and industry muddles the issues involved and leads to a reactive policy of handling hazards, like we see at the Drift River Terminal.”

Oil Storage Tanks Below Mr. Redoubt

Oil Storage Tanks Below Mr. Redoubt


Scented Flies (Ethical, Reasonable or Too Far?)

tortillachippkof121Saw a recent baiting post at F & S Blog regard using scents on flies. Frankly, I don’t care and neither should you, unless you are of the ilk to pass another law to ban yet another act. I don’t use scents for fly fishing. Have I experimented? Actually, I have but in a half assed way. No significant results. I really never had much success with using scents on hardware or a piece of yarn either. Yet, my brother-in-law swears by scents and he is a non-bait, plunker, who rarely comes away without meat.

But, we fly fish to visually seduce our prey. Like a hot babe walking down the sidewalk, we are drawn to her visually. The attraction is their…we don’t have to smell her. But, what if  she has a disqualifying body odor once close. That is my only concern. I try to not bring any unwanted scents to the fly: pipe tabacco, cigarettes, gasoline, sunscreen, jalapeno tortilla chips. I clean my hands now and then. Besides I don’t enjoy contending with Anise or Shrimp Oils on my pipe tabacco.       

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