tortillachippkof121Saw a recent baiting post at F & S Blog regard using scents on flies. Frankly, I don’t care and neither should you, unless you are of the ilk to pass another law to ban yet another act. I don’t use scents for fly fishing. Have I experimented? Actually, I have but in a half assed way. No significant results. I really never had much success with using scents on hardware or a piece of yarn either. Yet, my brother-in-law swears by scents and he is a non-bait, plunker, who rarely comes away without meat.

But, we fly fish to visually seduce our prey. Like a hot babe walking down the sidewalk, we are drawn to her visually. The attraction is their…we don’t have to smell her. But, what if  she has a disqualifying body odor once close. That is my only concern. I try to not bring any unwanted scents to the fly: pipe tabacco, cigarettes, gasoline, sunscreen, jalapeno tortilla chips. I clean my hands now and then. Besides I don’t enjoy contending with Anise or Shrimp Oils on my pipe tabacco.