Nymphs That Combine For Double Trouble (Lou Verdugo’s Recommendation)

Lou Verdugo~Guide & All Around Nice Guy

Lou Verdugo~Guide & All Around Nice Guy

I travel on business to Eugene, Oregon now and then and I always try to stop into The Caddis Fly Shop to look about. Everyone in the shop is helpful, but Lou Verdugo is especially  pleasant and helped me several times solve problems. Yesterday, he recommended to several customers the nymph combo of the Possee Bugger and the McKenzie River Mega Prince Nymph Kick Ass Take No Prisoners combo. Actually I added all that extra after Prince Nymph. The combo has been exceptional, of late, on the McKenzie and Lou assured me it is equally seductive on the Deschutes River. I believe this is a good tip because Lou was departing for Christmas Island in few days and the euphoria of such a trip probably caused him to let his guard down and divulge his secret weapon(s). Query this blog or Oregon FF Blog for tying instructions for Possee Bugger. The Mega Prince is a radical version of the standard Prince Nymph, but with barred rubber legs, bead head, ice dubbing, copper wire tag on bend of hook and a marabou or filoplume tail. The Possee is the trailing fly of this two fly combo, dredge the bottom setup. I think I lucked out with Lou’s momentary lapse. Best wishes to Lou at Christmas Island.

Small world moment: Lou worked many years with HP. He is going to Christmas Is. with a contingent of long time friends from HP…the same bunch of very amazing men I was fortunate to meet on my trip to Christmas Is. a year  and a half ago…      

Mega Prince & Possee Bugger Combo

Mega Prince & Possee Bugger Combo


6 Responses to “Nymphs That Combine For Double Trouble (Lou Verdugo’s Recommendation)”

  1. 1 Ken Crangle
    May 5, 2009 at 10:46

    Thanks for the kind words about us HP guys. I’m not able to go this year, but I enjoyed meeting you. I’ll get the full report from the crew when they return.

    By the way, I found it interesting that the Bar Rafaeli article was sandwiched between an article about Lou (with the word “nymph” in the title) and an article about emergers (with the word “orb”) in the title.

    Clearly some sort of Freudian penis, er…slip.

    • 2 swittersb
      May 5, 2009 at 11:08

      Hey, so sorry you did not get to go. I am sure your energy and humor will be missed by all. I can only assume it was some arbitrary alignment of the stars that postitioned Lou thusly…take care and thanks for visiting to say hello…Gary

  2. May 2, 2009 at 07:12

    Lotta’ movement on that Prince pattern…kinda’ like an Agravator on steroids…I’s been in that shop twice, after the Saturday hippie fair downtown…that’s where they all went (to Eugene)…

    PT/TB 🙂

    • 4 swittersb
      May 2, 2009 at 08:30

      Amen to that. Another planet at times. Unfortunately, many rougher transient types are moving into area from Seattle, Portland and elsewhere and bringing a tougher edge to the enviro the mellow ones hold dear. Hope your Spring is going well. Take care.


  3. May 1, 2009 at 18:07

    I grew up in southern Montana, not far from the Yellowstone River, and I was always surprised that I never got into flyfishing.

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