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Bead Head Pupa (Simple Stream Pattern)


Planet Trout reminded me that ‘simple’ is not simple unless a few additional details are offered: black or nickle bead, pupa hook, black sparkle dubbing and pearl core braid (light green or rootbeer) burned and crimped at rear.


Leech Pattern (Stacked & Brushed Out)


Teased Leech~SwittersB

Most of us use a Woolly Bugger version for a leech. I concocted these several years ago, with and without beads or cone heads (small). I have since seen a similar pattern by Brian Chan. I seriously can’t recall the inspiration for the pattern…I am sure I copied it somewhere. The manner of tying is simple: Select a suitable streamer hook and select a blended sparkle dubbing material. I do not dub the blend onto the thread. I stack the material onto and around the shank as I wrap the thread forward. First tie in a clump of elongated fibers at the bend. Wrap thread up a few turns and take another clump of dubbing and pinch atop the shank, but let the material roll down along the sides a touch and secure with the thread, then move up and so on. After you finish the thead head either at the eye of the hook or behind a small bead, then brush out the dubbing with a toothbrush. Dubbing will come away and this process will show you how much dubbing to use and if you are adequately securing the dubbing to the shank. Don’t over dub because movement and silhouette are key. This has been a very good pattern. I believe it should be sans bead to provide a lighter pattern that sinks in the horizontal plain.

Brushed Leech Box

Brushed Leech Box

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